Upstart Skin Care Brand Vermisse Will Challenge the Chinese Market with Its Debut

2020-05-15 12:58 656

LONDON, May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vermisse, a sub-brand of Iris Business. Ltd, is an upstart brand in London's skin care industry and will be launched in the second half of this year. As a new brand that has yet to gain a reputation among consumers, Vermisse will challenge the vast Chinese market when it first comes out. Vermisse's spokesman Burgess Sharp said that Vermisse's first trial in the Chinese market will be conducted in cooperation with Chinese e-commerce platforms.

In recent years, both the number of consumers and the overall spending power of Chinese consumers are very attractive in the global cosmetics market. Moreover, skin care products account for half of China's cosmetics market, thus showing the fierce competition in China's skin care industry. Although the skin care market is so hot in China, according to the trend analysis in recent years, it is still unsaturated. Therefore, the development of skin care products in China can be said to attach equal importance to opportunities and challenges.

Burgess Sharp, a spokesman for Vermisse, said that it was because of the huge development prospects of the Chinese market that it took root in China at the beginning of brand development. It was not only a forward-looking investment, but also aimed at eliminating the differences between the Chinese and European markets as soon as possible. Only when the brand adapts to the Chinese market from the very beginning can it avoid the possibility of rejection when entering the Chinese market after the brand matures in the future.

In order to ensure a high standard of quality, every product of Vermisse has to complete more than 500 product stability research tests, more than 1,000 product analysis tests, as well as tedious product packaging material tests and raw material finished product tests. Each process is almost harsh. With such stringent production standards, Burgess believes that even in China, where competition is extremely fierce, vermisse can take a place.

About Vermisse

Vermisse is a new brand of high-end skin care products in London. With natural skin care as the concept and technology as the core, from cell care on the surface to gene skin care on the deep level, Vermisse is committed to turning the dream of reverse aging growth into reality and helping women all over the world reproduce the radiance of skin.

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