Vietnam Network of PR Practitioners Hosts "The Future Of Public Relations" Forum

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vietnam Network of PR Practitioners (VNPR) hosts a forum with the topic of "The Future of Public Relations" at Up Co-working Space in Ho Chi Minh City on September 27. The 2 topics: whether PR exist or not in the current period and the upcoming future of PR will be discussed by the guests who are experts and well-known in the industry.

Forum "The Future of Public Relations"
Forum "The Future of Public Relations"

This forum aims to provide an overall picture about the career and PR practitioners, about the current role and the industry's future; from then, to build positive values and public recognition toward the PR career and PR practitioners.

Currently, with the strong rise of digital channels, there are stereotypes and wrong perceptions diluting the role of PR. However, differentiating from paid advertising of Digital, which will not create value if not paying, PR creates sustainable and last over time values, such as to build and maintain the brand's, the organization's image and reputation; to build and create trust towards society.

However, there is the fact that the PR industry and PR Practitioners has slow implement of technology and that is a disadvantage.

PR cannot stay separately or go slower than the common development of society and technology; the PR career and PR practitioners need to stay sharp and act fast since the technology is changing, not only itself but also the way most industries work. More importantly, the PR industry and its practitioners need to focus and build the reputation actively.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao, Chair of VNPR cum GD, Awareness ID shares: "The PR industry has been in Vietnam for many years and on the growth. However, the industry is still not perceived fully and correctly, being confined to a narrow, spontaneous business environment, being considered as a marketing or brand's image polishing tool to achieve pragmatic goals. The PR practitioners have bigger responsibilities, ambitions, and goals: to create awareness and mutual connections between humans, organizations, careers, cultures, countries, and nations as well as geographical areas. Therefore, it deserves a better recognition."

"The Future of Public Relations" Forum is the starting for the following VNPR's activities to accomplish the mission and enhance the role of PR practitioners in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Network of PR Practitioners (VNPR) is the network of the PR practitioners aiming to a long-term goal of creating a professional social organization. Via the organization, the PR industry will be developed stronger, be recognized and be honored as a career truly to its role, meeting the changes in PR model in the new era, contributing more positively in the development of society and economy.


  • To build PR as a recognized and honored career
  • To inspire and motivate the current PR practitioners, train new generations, and contribute to building a civilized society and a developed economy.
  • To establish recognized standards of the profession, maintain and develop those standards.


  • The VNPR is the beginning
  • Aiming to develop into Association of Public Relations Professionals (Association) in 2021
  • To become members of career Associations in the region and the world.


Recognizing and honoring

  • To be recognized as an independent, influential career
  • The career has its standards and needs to meet those standards to be recognized.


  • To build the career pride
  • To build the passions and motivation for the career

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Source: Vietnam Network of PR Practitioners
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