Vietnamese SMEs Achieve Growth as Economy Recovers

32 Vietnamese SMEs win the SME100 Awards 2021
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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 2021 has been a tumultuous year for SMEs in Vietnam; with the country going into lockdown for an extended period of time, it has impacted the growth of the economy. With restrictions being lifted gradually, the economy reopens, and SMEs are optimistic on the recovery.

Even facing tough times, the Vietnamese SMEs showed their resilience and perseverance as 32 Vietnamese SMEs have been selected as winners of the 2021 SME100 Awards. These winners are among 300 other Vietnamese companies that were in the selection of becoming the SME100 Fast Moving Companies of 2021.

For the consecutive second year, the Vietnam SME100 continues to adopt one of the most stringent evaluation criteria for all nominees. The five-step process included both qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as a 100 percent interview requirement with a focus on growth (turnover, profit, and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability, and vision).

"As SMEs tend to be more vulnerable to economic cycles, we can see from the award recipients that they have demonstrated resilience, strength and growth despite the challenges." said Datuk William Ng, group publisher and editor-in-chief of Business Media International.

The SME100 Awards serves as a pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability for business owners. Be it for business ventures or attracting investors and clients in both foreign and domestic markets alike, the SME100 Awards has become the beacon of attention on all platforms that matter across all industries.

Vietnam is one of the four ASEAN member countries to organise SME100 Awards, besides Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The experience of the SME100 Winners:

"We are very grateful and proud to be selected as the winner of the prestigious SME100 Award. This great milestone recognition not only belongs to my personal efforts but also the entire staff. This award also gives us more motivation to create core values continuously and expand our business in the coming years. Having highly-qualified employees with many years of experience in logistics field is our advantage to maintain the competitive ability. We will try more and work hard in the future to provide much better services to our esteemed customers."

Mr. Nguyen Trung Xuan (Alex) – President & CEO of Legend Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd

"Pascalia has the mission of 'having an altruistic spirit and making everyone happy.'

We feel bad capitalist management since it pursues only the profits of the company, not the happiness of people, and it may not be able to lead to new values and consumer behavior centered on young people.

Companies don't exist to make a profit, to make sales only. It exists to be a company needed by people and society, where the employees who work there can be proud of. As a result, everyone can feel happy."

Mr. Segawa So - Founder & CEO of Pascalia Group

"We are very honoured to be selected in SME100 Awards 2021. The award is very meaningful for our journey and our effort in supplying eco and functional fashion solutions, especially in the challenging year of 2021.

We would love to be an enterprise that is sustainable in business development, profit goes harmony with social responsibility and environment. Thanks to our partners, to whom for many years support us and together create a lot of good contributions to the community.

We hope to connect with the SME100 community in Vietnam and in Asia. Surely we learn from each other and cooperate for faster development."

Ms. Tran Hoang Phu Xuan - General Director of Faslink JSC

"Carnival is a small advertising agency in Vietnam that thrives for diversity in its works, value in its people, and authenticity in its culture.

Our service includes providing creative solutions for marketing issues as well as helping brands bridge their gap to their consumers. The SME100 Awards is a huge honor for us and the 35 employees who are working under our roof."

Mr. Duong Duc Trung - Managing Director of Carnival Entertainment JSC

"The Modern Touch is honored to receive the Asia SME100 Award, which is an affirmation of TMT's ability after 8 years of development focusing on design consulting for the 'Premium & Luxury' class. With the core design philosophy 'We don't design villa, we design home. We don't design resort, we design lifestyle.' and with the dedication of the great team at TMT, we have created valuable projects that receive absolute trust from clients and partners."

Mr. Linh Q. Le - Managing Director of Modern Touch Co., Ltd.

"To DBPlus, this is a hugely significant award - winning. It reflects the effort of the whole team, and the contribution of each individual as well. This award also represents the outstanding growth of DBPlus, affirming to customers that we are always ready to 'architect' customer's experience : TO BUILD A BETTER LIFE - building a worth-living life, a worth-working job and a worth-owning business.

This award helps us recognize the importance of CSR in business activities, especially in the tough period of Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to distribute more for Vietnam. And for our specialized field, we might keep updating new trends in design to serve customers by our unique advanced applications."

Mr. Trinh Minh Nhat - CEO of DBPlus Construction And Design Company Limited

"Becoming the winner of SME100 Awards 2021 gives us confidence in the different path that we have chosen so far. iRender has always been aiming for the status of a global enterprise. And the recognition of a continental award is the driving force that keeps us going."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung - Co-Founder

"This award will be a valuable complement for our team's belief, as an appreciation for creating our lifestyle, which combines the responsibility of protecting the environment into every marketing and branding idea.

After winning this award, we will keep raising our voice for the environmentally responsible lifestyle of marketing agencies."

Ms. Phuong Vu - Managing Director of Thuong Hieu Vu

"At PPP we believe that everyone deserves to have the appearance they desire, offering the chance to achieve a complexion that is clear, glowing, radiant and smooth as well as a healthy, slim and contour body. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that not only adheres to stringent protocols and operating standards, but works to fulfil every patient's expectation and produce an outcome that makes a noticeably dramatic difference to the appearance of the face and body.

Our expert doctors in Vietnam and our renowned partnering doctors globally apply their attentive attitudes to constructing a bespoke treatment plan for each and every individual to achieve the best results. We believe that every patient is unique – with a skin type and tone that is theirs alone, and therefore deserves to be treated with excellence."

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Hanh - CEO of PPP Laser Clinic Vietnam of PPP Laser Clinic Vietnam

"We acknowledge the value of the SME100 Award, which is established by a globally-reputed organization. Achieving this award will be a solid proof for all the efforts and value that we provide to the customers and the market.

After achieving this Award, we will continue to develop further based on the vision we set in the first place. We hope to contribute as much as possible to the development of the whole commodity market in Vietnam and provide true value to our customers."

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Cong - CEO of Saigon Futures Joint Stock Company

"First of all, it is an honor for Beyond Communication to become the winner for the SME 100 'Fast Moving Companies'. As a marketing start-up, this is a profound acknowledgement for Beyond's missions in bringing sharp solutions as well as our vision to be the most valued partner for our clients. Thus, from this milestone, with utmost confidence and devotion onto our values, we strive to become an efficient marketing agency, to take our actions to a new level, above and beyond."

Mrs. Mia Thai, CEO of Beyond Communication

2021 Vietnam SME100 Award Winners (in alphabetical order):





5S Consulting & Media Company Limited

Professional & Business Services



Information Technology


Beyond Communication Joint Stock Company

Marketing Agency


BLUSAIGON Company Ltd.

Industrial & Commercial Products


Carnival Entertainment JSC

Professional & Business Services


CME Solar Investment Joint Stock Company

Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy


Cong Dong Bau Company Limited

Professional & Business Services


DBPlus - Creative Interior Design

Furniture & Woodbased Manufacturing


Digisensor JSC

Electrical & Electronics


Echo Company Limited



Ecoba ENT Co., Ltd

Construction, Property Development, Building Materials


Fabbi Research And Development Joint Stock Company

ICT & Telecommunications


Fashion Link Joint Stock Company (Faslink JSC)

Consumer Goods


GazeFi Co., Ltd

Professional & Business Services





Grove HR

ICT & Telecommunications


Hona-G Interior Decoration Design Consultancy Company Limited

Construction, Property Development, Building Materials


Legend Cargo Logistics Company Limited

Transportation & Logistics



ICT & Telecommunications


MODERN TOUCH Design and Construction Company Limited

Architectural & Interior Design


Multi Intelligence Biz Solutions Co., Ltd (MIBS)

Professional & Business Services


Pascalia Group

Software Technology Solutions and Development


Phuc Lai - Flix Communications Co., Ltd



PPP Laser Clinic Vietnam

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology


Saigon Futures Inc.

Financial Services


SmartDev Limited Liability Company

ICT & Telecommunications


TechPlus Solution Company Limited

Financial Services


Thang Loi Group Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Real Estate


Thuong Hieu Vu Boutique Branding Agency

Professional & Business Services


UNIMATES Education

Education & Training


Vietnam iRender Technology Joint Stock Company

ICT & Telecommunications


Xspera Apac

Information Technology

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