Weibo Hi-Tech Presents 15 Star Freeze-Dried Beauty Products at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

2021-01-05 11:46 887

HONG KONG, Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Weibo Hi-Tech Cosmetics Co,Ltd., showcased 15 star products developed via its "Freeze-drying (FD) and Flash Release Technology", including seven FD serums, seven FD masks and an FD eye mask during the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, with the aim to display this safe and virtuous technology, seek business opportunities and exchange ideas with industry counterparts.

FD masks
FD masks


Weibo Hi-Tech
Weibo Hi-Tech


The FD eye mask
The FD eye mask

The FD eye mask, one of the products launched, has been nominated for the Cosmoprof Asia Awards due to its innovation. The product takes the form of an eye mask with solid serum, developed through the use of the Freeze-drying (FD) and Flash Release Technology that is exclusive to Weibo Hi-Tech. The technology preserves the eye serum in a solid state, thereby greatly boosting the activity of its ingredients. The eye mask instantly blends with water to promote transdermal absorption, and helps firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Derived from the pharmaceutical industry, the Freeze-drying and Flash Release Technology rapidly sublimates the water in the liquid serum to produce a dehydrated product, maximising the activity of the product's beneficial ingredients without adding preservatives and maintaining its efficacy and safety.

About Weibo Hi-Tech

Based in Beijing, China, Weibo Hi-Tech is a biotechnology group with strong research and production capabilities focusing on the manufacturing of FD serums, FD masks and FD eye masks. The company has a professional R&D team and holds more than 200 patents. Its ISO22716 and GMPC-certified facility consists of a number of production lines and high-tech equipment which enable a fully automatic operation from production to intelligent packaging.

The company is a leading OEM in the beauty industry widely recognised for its technical capabilities. It has cooperated with top-tier beauty brands such as L'Oreal, Unilever, Shanghai Jahwa, and Inoherb. Its FD beauty products are well received in China and are best-selling items on major e-commerce platforms with daily sales of 10 million.

Any inquiries about Weibo Hi-Tech, please contact:

Wenhu Wang
Executive Vice President
Hotline: 4000-999-361

About Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

The first-ever edition of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week has concluded successfully, creating copious business opportunities for the world's companies and operators looking for new business solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

652 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions took part in the event. 8,953 visitors from 115 countries and regions registered on the platform in order to virtually network, learn about current and upcoming trends. Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week offered a vital virtual business arena for the whole beauty industry while we are all waiting to meet again in Hong Kong in November 2021 for Cosmoprof Asia. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Cosmoprof Asia