With win-win cooperation, Gosuncn continues to strengthen the layout of European market

2019-02-28 20:54 568

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At MWC Barcelona, Gosuncn held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation of European channel distributor and authorized Media Microcomputer and Acquaviva Group to be its agents.

Media Microcomputer and Acquaviva Group have plenty of industry experience in the Spanish and Italian markets. Through the cooperation, Gosuncn will provide complete "IoT module + terminal product and technical service" capabilities and explore the European IoT market to achieve mutual benefits.

According to the latest forecast report of IDC, the total expenditure of the European IoT solutions will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate during 2017-2022. It is estimated that the revenue of the European IoT market will witness a year-on-year growth by 19.8% in 2019 and reach USD 171 billion. In particular, the expenditure of the IoT connection will be up to USD 10 billion in 2019. European, Chinese and North American markets have become the most active regions for the global IoT connection.

In 2013, Gosuncn launched the European market expansion plan to continuously strengthen the cooperation process with European operators, distributors and industry customers; cooperate with Dutch and Italian power companies to provide communication modules and terminals for the power industry; cooperate with TSP OCTO to provide connected car equipment; cooperate with Italian telecom operators to provide CPE products; and launch 4G OBD products with Deutsche Telekom. It cooperated with channel distributors from Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, Spain and Sweden to expand the IoT business to the whole European market. The revenues from overseas markets dominated by Europe and North America have already accounted for more than 50% of the company's share. Gosuncn has become an important player in the global IoT market.

In February 2019, Gosuncn and a number of partners in the eco-chain attended MWC Barcelona and Embedded World Germany to demonstrate the complete IoT communication products and solution capability. With the channel expansion in the European market and the continued enhancement of localization service capability, Gosuncn will bring more, smarter, safer and more reliable wireless connectivity and services to channel distributors, industry customers, mobile operators and service providers. It is committed to becoming a pioneer in the IoT industry.  

Source: Gosuncn