WOOSHIN Develops Nontoxic, Eco-friendly Organic-Inorganic hybrid pigments

Working with more than 1,300 companies domestically with safe, high-quality products, now WOOSHIN expands into China after CHINACOAT 2017
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SEOUL, South Korea, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Colors of any visible object can be turned into pigments, which play an important role in expressing colors. Wooshin Pigment (CEO: Seongsuk Jang) provides pigments to a wide variety of industries and recently launched environmentally-friendly liquid aqueous pigments based on excellent technology and safety.

CEO Sungsook CHANG of WOOSHIN and AQUALOR Products
CEO Sungsook CHANG of WOOSHIN and AQUALOR Products

Well-known pigment brands of WOOSHIN includes AQUALOR, an eco-friendly water based pigment, and COSMELOR, high-quality pigment for cosmetics.

'AQUALOR' is Korea's first aqueous and oily pigments (AQUALOR AU Series) that are used in various industries from ship containers to paint, ink, paper, and leather industries. The pigments boast high compatibility, fast drying, and outstanding weather and water resistance, which allow the surface to be maintained for a long time, as well as high gloss that accentuates the color. 'Anti-blistering' is another characteristic of AQUALOR, which protects the surface for a long time. 

The 9 shades (red, black, orange, green, brown, violet, blue, white, yellow) of Wooshin's Universal coloring agent (AU Series) obtained Singapore Green Label, an environmentally-friendliness certificate issued by Singapore Environment Council in 2013. It means the entire AU Series products have been certified.

AQUALOR also earned RoHS, which means electronics exported to Europe were found to contain less than the allowed level of harmful substances (lead, cadmium, mercury, 6 types of chrome, PBBS, PBDES) and that the products are harmless to human body.

Meanwhile, "COSMELOR" is water-based pigment created based on Wooshin's milling & mixing formulation technology and used for a wide range of Korean cosmetic products from nail polish to mascara, shampoo, eyeliner, and lip gloss. All of the products are free of fixing agent and, therefore, can be directly applied to resin system without needing to replace the base. Wooshin provides customized products to each customer and, therefore, differentiates itself from other companies. Wooshin's products are not only environmentally-friendly but are solvent-free and, therefore, can be used for various purposes.

Based on this technology, CHINACOAT 2017 Shanghai, took place from 15th to 17th November 2017 in Shanghai, provided WOOSHIN with a chance to shine within Chinese companies, by supplying to KCC China. 

CHINACOAT 2017 Shanghai
CHINACOAT 2017 Shanghai

WOOSHIN is a leading company in pigment-development in Korea, marking its no.1 spot in environment-friendly inorganic pigment production. Founded in 1977, WOOSHIN has built technology with dedication throughout years, providing organic and inorganic pigment and dye to various industrial fields. 

Especially after WOOSHIN successfully collaborated with Lanxess -- a subsidiary of German company Bayer AG -- and developed eco-friendly water-based liquid pigment, this newly developed nontoxic organic-inorganic complex pigment definitely sets their name in pigment industry. WOOSHIN also developed first liquid pigment that can be used both water or oil-based.

WOOSHIN also has procuced powdered form of pigment used in everywhere- starting from paint, printing, coloring cosmetics, plastic plates, glasses and even in technology industries such as smart phone screen. It also used in major landmarks like the amusement park Everland and Leeum Museum, public libraries and bridges.

WOOSHIN not only works with paint and coating related companies such as Jotun, KCC, IPK, PPG, Samhwa Paint, Noroo Paint, Chokwang paint and Jevisco, they also closely work with automobile, plastic and construction companies such as Samsung C&T, Ino Block, Dalim Industiral Co., Sabic Korea Ltd, LG, LG Chemicals, Cheil Industires, Samyang, Hyundai, KIA and Samsung.

With more than 1,300 companies on their client list and supreme technology combined, WOOSHIN now aims at global market.

The remarkable growth of Wooshin stemmed from CEO Chang's management policy where she puts customers and the environment first, along with her mission to create a better world with the nontoxic organic-inorganic complex pigment. 

Sungsook Chang, who founded WOOSHIN when she was only 23years old, took over a pigment company Daesung near Namdaesmun, Seoul. The pigment industry back then was almost exclusively ran by men and Chang says she had a tough time running a company as a woman. Nevertheless, she persevered with respectable business morals.

Running a business was not easy, hardships came along. One of the trading partners went bankrupt once. However, Chang's management philosophy has been with the virtues of  'Friend' and 'Trust ' in the company's name. She also focused on working on technology of WOOSHIN.

Now, as the company grows, Chang's heartfelt management policy and WOOSHIN's welfare system sets positive high bar for other companies in Korea.

The employees of WOOSHIN gets 10% of net profit as a bonus. Parents of the employees, as well as the employees themselves, can get their health checked every two years. Working overtime is rare at WOOSHIN and the company also lets employees over 60 - the legal retirement age in Korea - stay at work as long as they desire. In addition to college tuition, 500,000 won per month is given to employees with children for child support. Chang paid for all employees' Southeast Asia trip for the company's 25th year anniversary and 5,000 USD travel bonus according to their working period on 40th year Anniversary in 2017.

Chang said "WOOSHIN's quality control system team works relentlessly for our customers. As our pigment is so widely used in life, we want to make sure it is at its best condition." She proudly adds, "Wooshin's frontier spirit will never cease to amaze the customers in future."

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