World Cities Culture Symposium: Leaders gather in Chengdu to sign declaration of cooperation through cultural exchange

2018-06-25 15:00 762

CHENGDU, China, June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leaders from cities in 30 countries, including Deputy Mayors and senior officials from London, New York, Paris and Moscow, gathered in Chengdu for the World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium. The delegates witnessed the signing of a declaration of cooperation between Chengdu and World Cities committing to fostering cultural exchange initiatives with each other. The Chengdu based Belt and Road World Cities Culture Centre establishment was also announced during the event.

At the event a report, produced by leading London consultancy BOP, was launched which assessed the potential of world cities to use culture as a means of facilitating trade and investment. In it, Chengdu was described as a 'pioneering emerging world city,' due to its policy and vision for investment in both infrastructure and culture. The report emphasised that Chengdu's cultural vision would mean that it plays an important role in the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, as a significant gateway to link with other world cities.

Delegates at the conference heard from Paul Owens, Director of World Cities Culture Forum and Founder of BOP who said "Our report shows that infrastructure and systems are fundamental to good growth but without the balance of making places for people, our cities will not succeed. Chengdu's long history and prioritisation of social harmony and aesthetics will hold it in good stead as it seeks to build a stable economy and international links."

World Cities Cultural Forum, a network of over 35 cities initiated by the Mayor of London, received an introduction of well wishes by London's Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Economy Justine Simons. Her message was reinforced by representative and special advisor Laia Gasch who said "Cities such as London and Chengdu must be liveable and loveable; Chengdu's emphasis on being an open and inclusive city is an example approach for cities in responding to trends in the contemporary economy".

The symposium was hosted by Chengdu Municipal Government, over two days in which city leaders have been introduced to Chengdu's long-term planning; experiencing the Tianfu Culture. John Howkins, a well know British economist said: "Chengdu's long-term planning in culture and creative sectors has demonstrate the vision of openness and cooperation. Chengdu will contribute to the success of the belt and road initiative by developing a cultural dimension to the initiative."

Source: World Cities Culture Forum