World Refugee Day highlights Ctrip's aid efforts

Ctrip CEO stresses importance of CSR in light of refugee crisis
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SHANGHAI, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2011, millions have been displaced, injured and killed in the heart-wrenching humanitarian crisis in Syria. The turmoil has broken apart families and traumatised lives, with some children growing up knowing only a world of violence.


World Refugee Day is an important occasion on which we should both heighten our awareness of humanitarian crises, but also take action to put an end to unnecessary suffering.

Ctrip CEO Jane Jie Sun has long been optimistic about the peacemaking potential of her business, through better mutual understanding and exchange between nations avoiding unnecessary conflict. But she is also evidently aware of the need for practical responses to urgent circumstances. In February 2019, Ms. Sun visited refugee centres in the Middle East, including a camp where Syrian families. Herself a donor to causes that help children affected by war, she was deeply affected by the poor capacity of hospitals and support services due to lack of funding, as well as the distressing stories of families forced apart by the conflict.

Ms. Sun visited hospitals and the families of children who had suffered extreme physical harm, many of whom had lost their limbs in the turmoil. She was heartbroken by the inability of hospitals to operate due to insufficient funding, and under her leadership, Ctrip has made donations to help support the important work of hospitals and emergency services in saving lives and rehabilitating refugees in the war zone.

In addition to an initial donation to the Hope Children's Hospital in the Middle East with the public welfare organisation CANDO in August 2018, Ctrip has made continued efforts under the leadership of Ms. Sun to support the rehabilitation of refugees in the region. Ctrip placed emphasis on the rehabilitation of children who had been disabled by conflict in September 2018, with a donation specifically intended for artificial limb replacements, as well as further donations to hospitals to help support more effective medical responses to war zone injuries of children. Ctrip is continuing to expand its refugee support efforts internationally, having also made donations in support of children in the Republic of Sierra in October 2018.

Ms. Sun was one of the first Chinese visitors to the refugees in Syria, and despite their harrowing circumstances, they welcomed her with open arms. It is this humanitarian warmth that inspires Ctrip to strive to promote global peace and improve lives, in our aid efforts, but also as part of our daily work.

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