Xinhua Silk Road: State Grid puts 1000KV GIL utility tunnel project into service in E.China

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A 1000KV gas-insulated transmission line (GIL) utility tunnel project, a signature project of the State Grid Corporation of China, has recently gone into service in east China, further consolidating the company's leading position in the world's ultra-high-voltage (UHV) power transmission field.

Constructed by State Grid's subsidiary in Jiangsu Province, the project linking Suzhou and Nangtong, two cities of Jiangsu Province, boasts the world's highest voltage, largest power transmission capacity as well as longest distance over the most complex landscapes and marks UHV line's first cross through river tunnels in the world.

The Suzhou-Nantong GIL utility tunnel project
The Suzhou-Nantong GIL utility tunnel project

The project adopts world-leading 1000KV GIL technology, making a major technical innovation in the UHV power transmission field.

With the single-phase GIL 5.8 kilometers long and six-phase GIL totaling 35 kilometers, the project provides brand-new method of choice for the changing demands amid energy revolution.

As a safe and flexible alternative to overhead lines, GIL is gaining importance due to its less landscape impact and minimal electromagnetic radiation.

Also, with the power grid being more and more fed with fluctuating renewable energy sources under global green drive and due to the fact that most generation is remote from the load centers, it has become essential to reinforce and innovate transmission network.

The GIL project is well placed in power-thirsty Jiangsu province to complete a UHV AC ring network in east China regions, improving power acceptance capacity to 69.80 million kw thus better receive power through existing lines such as the Zhundong (Xinjiang)-Wannan (Anhui) line carrying power from China's west to east.

But creating such a vast electrical system demands meticulous attention to details, and innovation is embedded at the core to fill industry blanks with unprecedented attempts. By staging 129 inventions and utility model patents, 18 technical standards as well as self-developed installation and engineering specifications, the GIL project provides valuable reference for world energy connectivity and energy tunnel construction intervened by mountain and ocean scenarios.

The project also pilots application of ubiquitous power Internet of Things (IoT) to establish a control system that is flexible, functional and intelligent and is expected to realize equipment diagnosis automation and personnel intelligent control to further ensure safe operation.

Acting as the center for energy collection, transmission, conversion and utilization with better performance and safety control, the GIL itself showcases the power baron's vision of becoming a world-class energy interconnection enterprise that services as a hub and a platform for shared benefits along with its journey of coordinating a strong smart grid with ubiquitous power IoT construction.

As world's largest utility company, State Grid serves a population of more than 1.1 billion worldwide with its power service.

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