Xinhuanet Europe releases report on Sino-European green economy cooperation opportunities

2023-02-14 20:11 1789

BRUSSELS, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Green development has become a common goal for the world, including China and Europe, which have both set goals to reach carbon neutrality soon. International cooperation is an imperative element to achieve the goals.

Titled "Report on the Outlook of Sino-European Cooperation in the Green Economy", published by Xinhuanet Europe, the European branch of Chinese news and information platform Xinhuanet, jointly with Tianfu Institute of International Big Data Strategy and Technology, it analyses similarities and differences between China and Europe in their green economy approach.

"This report gives a clear picture of the challenges ahead and the interesting opportunities to engage with green economic development and cooperation between China and Europe," Philippe Mariani, CEO of Sophia Antipolis Foundation and Sophia Antipolis Science & Technology Park France, writes in the preface, "I strongly believe that innovative partnerships between Europe and China will create new models for sustainable growth."

Shi Yong, counsellor of China's State Council and member of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, said he believes that exchanges and cooperation on climate change, green energy, and green finance will invigorate China-Europe comprehensive strategic partnership.

The report positions itself as a guide towards strengthening this cooperation across industries. To do so, it provides data and analysis of energy consumption in both China and Europe. Starting with an analysis of leading industries and energy consumption, a comparison of green economy policies, major cooperation areas, typical case studies, and the outlook for Sino-European cooperation, the Report highlights the scope and path of Sino-European cooperation in key areas.

There are many valuable cases in this report, including cases of green energy, green infrastructure, green transportation, green finance and other industry fields.

According to the report, Chinese enterprises and financial institutions have made remarkable progress in green finance innovation. For example, in May 2022, Shudao (Sichuan) Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. joined China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. expanding business sectors to include green finance and co-established a green insurance product system with the ESG concept at its core.

With Europe's leadership in green, low-carbon and energy-saving levels in the energy sector and China's recent and vigorous promotion of the green transition, efforts are being made on both sides to improve quality of people's life around the globe. To reach the next step of this development, China and Europe have great potential to cooperate.

Source: Xinhuanet