Yard Force® AMIRO City Mower is Released this Autumn, Helping Users Easily Maintain Gardens and Improve Lifestyles

2018-09-21 19:19 877

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Gardens are an integral part of modern lifestyle. Outdoor space is special, where people frequently retreat to relax and enjoy themselves together with family and friends. People all admire well-manicured gardens with perfect lawns and carefully tended flower beds.

Yard Force® AMIRO City Mower, specially designed for city and smaller suburban gardens, is being released this autumn. With numerous features and an affordable price, people can simply install their AMIRO robotic mower in the garden and enjoy their free time. It makes life easier for busy people to enjoy precious time doing the things that matter most.

Modern gardens

People live their lives at a fast pace whether in busy cities or towns where space is a premium.

The latest reports from research institutions for Europe, indicate that over 70% of gardens in Germany are less than 400 sqm in size, and in the United Kingdom, over 90% of the newly built homes have smaller gardens under 400sqm. However, the look and feel of a garden is very important. The lawn has to look pristine at all times, and this can be an issue when people don't have enough time to maintain the garden. Finding the right tool to make life easier is therefore very important.

Walk-behind lawn mowers are one option. Lawn mowers powered by petrol engines or electric motors, with around 32cm cutting width, and self-propelled functioning enable people to mow the lawn in a short time.

Mowing the lawn in the traditional way can be enjoyable but also very tedious, and people may even upset the neighbours at times with the loud noise of the mower especially on a weekend morning.

Yard Force® AMIRO City Mower Improves Lifestyles

Yard Force® AMIRO City Mower series has an 16cm cutting width, 20V/2.0 Ah battery and continuous running time of 60 minutes, 30% slope capacity, and quiet mowing day and night, a perfect solution for the smaller gardens.

Yard Force® AMIRO Robotic Mower series boasts the most advanced Active Safety technology. Moreover, the collision sensor and lifting sensor act as fail-safe features to provide passive safety.

Source: Yard Force