YF Life and HKBNES Team Up to Launch Hong Kong's First Google Cloud-Powered Cantonese Voice Chatbot for the Insurance Sector

Next-gen AI chat optimises customer experience with shortened queuing time
2021-05-27 12:27 1225

HONG KONG, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- YF Life and HKBN Enterprise Solutions ("HKBNES") have teamed up to launch Hong Kong's first Google Cloud-powered Cantonese voice chatbot dedicated to insurance services. In a game-changing breakthrough for the finance and insurance sectors, the innovative chatbot leverages Google Cloud AI technology and HKBNES's one-stop ICT capabilities to deliver seamless voice dialogue and enhanced services for YF Life's customers. This innovative service is set to be launched early next year.

To support its business development strategy, YF Life seeks to deliver optimised customer experiences to effectively service the multi-lingual needs of customers. To facilitate YF Life to meet customer expectations, as well as the finance and insurance regulatory compliance requirements, HKBNES has developed a next-gen chatbot using Google Cloud's Contact Center AI. This advanced speech recognition system can support seamless text and voice conversations across three languages, including Cantonese - previously a major challenge for legacy systems.

Daryl Cheng, Senior Vice President of Management Information Systems of YF Life said, "The Cantonese voice chatbot initiative demonstrates our determination to harness FinTech opportunities. Thanks to the technological capabilities of HKBNES and Google Cloud, we can have comprehensive solutions that go beyond market norms and offer our customers outstanding service. Going forward, YF Life will continue with its customer-oriented approach to innovate and provide the best risk- and wealth-management solutions to enhance the customer experience. Our aim is to evolve into a technology-enhanced insurance company serving Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and beyond."

Lucy Werner, Head of Google Cloud Hong Kong said, "We are happy to see Hong Kong companies choosing Google Cloud to innovate and expand their business. HKBN is working with Google Cloud's on Contact Center AI to develop for YF Life the city's first Cantonese voice Chatbot for insurance. It is also a promising case of digitalisation in the financial services industry and insurance industries."

Sam Tan, Co-Owner & Chief Innovation Officer of HKBN said, "Getting the best-fit technology will be the key for enterprises to navigate success in the new normal. With outstanding end-to-end capabilities and deep knowledge of different industries, we play an essential role in matching our customer's unique set of needs with world-class technology partners, tailoring and implementing the most suitable tech solutions. By launching Hong Kong's first Google Cloud-powered Cantonese voice chatbot, our collaboration with YF Life delivers a true win-win with better customer service experiences and more business opportunities."

The Cantonese-enabled voice chatbot combines Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and cloud platform solutions for enhanced scalability, and shortened queuing and chat times. In addition, via interactive dialogue, the chatbot can also engage in product up-selling and cross-selling. As a result, YF Life can now allocate its manpower more flexibly and focus resources on digital transformation, in line with its mission to serve customers innovatively. This tripartite collaboration between YF Life, HKBNES and Google Cloud truly demonstrates how enterprises can adopt digital transformation strategies to improve their operational efficiency, workflow and human resources deployment.

About YF Life Insurance International Limited

YF Life Insurance International Limited is a member of publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group Limited, whose major shareholders include Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the "Five Largest US Life Insurance Companies"*. Leveraging our robust financial background and solid reliability, YF Life is committed to helping customers "own the future" by providing professional and technology-enhanced one-stop risk- and wealth-management consulting services, as well as MPF services.

Remarks: Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company have an indirect shareholding in Yunfeng Financial Group Limited. The "Five Largest US Life Insurance Companies" is ranked according to the aggregate results of "Insurance: Life, Health (Mutual)" and "Insurance: Life, Health (Stock)" on total revenues for 2019, and based on the FORTUNE 500 as published on May 18, 2020.

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