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'Whambam Warriors', the Mind-bending Puzzle RPG enters Google Play Early Access

2018-05-14 22:00

Google Play Early Access open to 190 countries starting 10th May
Plan to launch officially within this year after further polishing and technical testing

SEOUL, South Korea, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Linekong, developer and publisher of mobile games, announced the global pre-release of the mobile puzzle RPG game <Whambam Warriors> on Google Play Early Access.

WhamBam Warriors
WhamBam Warriors

The gamer leads a band of mercenary warriors together with Deputy Captain Clara and the merciless Strike Leader Diego. Collecting stronger warriors and setting up a balanced mercenary team will be key to defeating monsters from the more difficult puzzle dungeons.

As leader of the <Whambam Warriors>, gamers will be able to collect more than 200 cute characters with unique skills and costumes. A wide range of characteristics such as 4 warrior ranks and 3 different fighting classes -- Fighter, Lancer and Bruiser, will help define the gameplay strategy. The 3 classes balance out the characters, showing both strengths and weaknesses to certain opposing monsters. As the user proceeds, experience points gaining from dungeons will allow game characters to upgrade and become stronger.

Each stage presents a wide range of gameplay possibilities. Strategic thinking is required to solve puzzles within each dungeon, defeat monsters and survival traps. Users can control their own warriors by choosing the right warrior for battle and positioning them at the perfect location and timing. Gamers wanting more action and less strategy can trigger all-out mayhem by calling the outrageous Diego, who will bring a hurricane of disaster on the battle ground. But be wary, Diego cannot tell friend from foe in the heat of battle and might even cause friendly-fire.

Once the gamer gains enough experience, he/she can move onto 'Coliseum' mode. Here, users compete with other gamers from around the globe by strategically combining more than 300 skills. The PvP matchmaking and ranking system allows users to prove their gameplay against the best from all across the world.

Gamers is able to download and play <Whambam Warriors> world-wide, starting from May 10th.

An intro video depicting the main characters has been released simultaneous with the release of Early Access on Google Play.

Get Wild with the WhamBam Warriors!

[Google Play Early Access URL]

[Game Intro Video]

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