2019 "Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing": demonstrate a brand-new Beijing to the world

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BEIJING, Aug. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As reported by CRI Online: On August 24, the "China Now: Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing upon the 70th Anniversary of the PRC", hosted by Information Office of Beijing Municipality, was successfully concluded. During the activity, celebrities from 13 countries along the Belt and Road including Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Germany, Kenya, South Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Thailand and Turkey came to Beijing to have further understanding about the "four centers" construction of Beijing, and achievements in terms of international exchange, ecological construction, people's livelihood service, cultural inheritance and innovation. This activity helped these celebrities see a brand-new Beijing. They felt that Beijing is not only an active city for innovation and entrepreneurship, a cultural city with equal emphasis on cultural protection and development, but also a city of green development.

The celebrities were taking group photos at the China Pavilion of Beijing Expo 2019 (photo by Bai Wei)
The celebrities were taking group photos at the China Pavilion of Beijing Expo 2019 (photo by Bai Wei)

Ecological Beijing carries forward green development concept to the world

Beijing Expo 2019, themed on 'Living and Splendid China', serves as a "business card" of contemporary China. In the China Pavilion, the celebrities were acquainted with horticultural industry, ecological civilization construction and achievements of science and research institutes of 31 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Farvartish Rezvaniyeh, writer, freelancer and social activist from Iran, said, "With such an amazing expo to showcase the diversity of plant species, visitors will not only be surprised by the diversity and beauty of the exhibition, but also be impressed by the nature conservation concept presented in horticulture."

In the visit to Yanqing Ecological Small Courtyard and the Wild Duck Lake Wetland Park, the celebrities witnessed the great changes in Yanqing where ecological oasis replaces wasteland through years of afforestation project. All the celebrities thought highly of the management model of the wetland park and the rapid development of ecological civilization construction in Beijing.

It is the second time for Lim Chea Vutha, CEO of Fresh News in Cambodia, the adviser to Prime Minister of Cambodia and deputy secretary general of the Cambodian Federation of Journalists, to come to Beijing. This visit has renewed his impression on Beijing. He said that Beijing is not only a city with rapid economic development, but also a city committed to green and sustainable development. "Environmental governance and green development are issues of global concern. Beijing's air pollution control and sustainable development has become a world-class model and can be used as a reference for other cities around the world."

Building a city of Summer and Winter Olympics through frugal concept

The basis of Olympic Winter Games of Beijing 2022 is "green, sharing, open and clean". Among the 13 competition venues in Beijing, 11 venues have used the "legacy" of Beijing 2008. The old plant of Shougang Group, an iron and steel enterprise, is being transformed into an office area of the organizing committee and competition area for Beijing 2022. Masum Gök, Turkish journalist of magazine Modern Silk Road, was quite surprised at the application of abandoned factories to the venues and surrounding facilities of the large-scale event like Beijing 2022. In his opinion, this has not only boosted local development, but also made great contribution to saving resources.

Bae In Sun, Head of China News Group of International Department of the Asian Economy in South Korea, said, "Although Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 also advocated frugal and green Olympics, some venues have stood idle since the PyeongChang 2018 concluded one and half years ago. Relevant departments have failed to introduce effective post-match operation project. I hope that Beijing 2022 will realize the half-baked dream of PyeongChang 2018."

Paying equal attention to cultural protection and development highlights Beijing's charm of humanity

The New Era Civilization Practice Center in Ganjiakou Street, Haidian District of Beijing Municipality is an epitome of civilization construction of Beijing in the new era. Colorful and diversified cultural activities, such as paper cutting and Chinese traditional massage are organized for local residents, which have enhanced citizens' comprehensive cultural qualities, passed down traditional Chinese culture and strengthened cultural cohesion. During the activity, the celebrities learned traditional Chinese painting, made handcrafts and tried aromatherapy with local people. Kurt Karst, Chairman of the Federation of German-Chinese Friendship Associations said that there are similar community organizations in Germany, which provide platform for retired elderly people to learn new skills. However, those organizations charge certain amount of fees. He wished that Beijing and some cities in Germany can exchange views with each other on how to upgrade service for residents' convenience and share experience in civilization construction.

Peking Opera and Hutongs are important components of Beijing's culture and also the things that overseas tourists want to experience in Beijing. The celebrities listened to "the voice of Hutong" at Shijia Hutong Museum, and experienced the local lifestyle with Beijing's characteristics by enjoying Peking Opera and wearing costumes at Huguang Guild Hall. It was the first time for Smiljana Vlajic, Director of the Cultural Center of the Vojvodina Autonomous Province in Serbia, to visit Beijing. As a cultural expert, Smiljana Vlajic marveled at the rich deposits and unique charm of Beijing's traditional culture, and she expressed appreciation for the achievements of Beijing in the construction of public cultural services.

During the activity, the celebrities also went to Tiananmen Square to watch the solemn flag-raising ceremony. Yasir Habib Khan, Senior Journalist of GEO Television Station in Pakistan, said, "The flag-raising ceremony fully demonstrates Chinese people's cohesive power and patriotism."

"Technology + Creativity" releases innovation and entrepreneurship vitality in Beijing

Innovation is the key to social and economic development. After visiting Zhongguancun, 798 Art District and 751D·Park, the celebrities expressed their admiration for Beijing's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit released through "Technology + Creativity".

At Zhongguancun Software Park, the celebrities learned about the considerable scale of the software park through the sand table. Mugendi M'Rithaa, former Chairman of the World Design Organization, said the construction of the scientific and technological park in Kenya is now in the preliminary stage and Kenya is looking forward to strengthening communication with China and learning the advanced experience of Zhongguancun so as to promote the local development.

As the "international design capital" named by UNESCO, Beijing has witnessed rapid development of cultural and creative industries. A series of typical cases of using the industrial heritage transformation to build cultural and creative parks have emerged. The 798 Art Zone and 751D·Park are just a few examples. Yasir Habib Khan, Senior Journalist of GEO Television Station in Pakistan said, "The 751D·Park has successfully transformed the waste industrial area into a cultural and creative park, which is a very innovative action. In my country, there are some abandoned industrial areas, and the Pakistani government should learn from this experience as they are in urgent need of such a solution."

The 2019 "Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing" has not only introduced the celebrities a brand-new Beijing, but also refreshed their understanding of China. Just as Masum Gök, Turkish journalist of magazine Modern Silk Road, said, "Beijing has a strong organizational strength and development potential. People should use Beijing as a starting point if they want to understand China." Beijing, standing on a new starting point, is enriching the content of a world-class harmonious and livable capital constantly, and expecting people worldwide to feel her inclusiveness and vitality.

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