28TEL Challenges Skype with 'Mobility on VoIP'

Free Mobile International Calls are Now Available in Japan

No software and No Internet Access Needed

HONG KONG, Sept. 3 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Linkwell International (HK) Co., Ltd. announced today that 28TEL ( ), the global mobile telecommunications service provider, launched its services in Japan. With multi-lingual voice prompts and user interfaces, 28TEL provides global call, roaming free and free calls services to the Japanese market.

28TEL provides competitive international mobile calling services and rates. Compared to a standard mobile international calling rate, 28TEL is at least 70% cheaper. First time users can simply dial a unified number 50 6862 8001 (Japanese.) to enter the number of the person they wish to call for direct connection.

After connection during conversation, 28TEL then sends caller a text message with a local number for representing that person to call. And this specific number is good for future direct dialing to this person. Alternatively, anyone can log onto , to simply type in the friend's number, and 28TEL will then give each friend a local phone number for overseas direct dialing.

Through 28TEL's exclusive "Free call" service, a caller may dial a pre-mapped local number to reach an overseas friend. By telling the friend to hang up and call back with the displayed number, the caller holds the line and waits for friend's callback within a limited time. This service allows people to enjoy international calls free of charge without a time limit.

The mobile "roaming free" service is also strongly recommended. Through a mobile phone's call forwarding setup, the subscriber can be exempt from international roaming fees and receive all calls directly from a local mobile phone during roaming. It is very cost-effective for frequent travelers on international business and pleasure.

28TEL boasts a friendly MUI (multiple-user interface) through three different methods: text message, IVR (Interactive Voice Response,) and 28TEL's website. The system is available for users to manage and transform overseas contacts to local numbers any time. As a result, 28TEL has received good market responses immediately after the service has been launched in other regions.

It is expected that cost-effective services and massive target markets will turn 28TEL into a major industry player. 28TEL is also now offering various promotions including a complimentary talking time. For more information, visit 28TEL at .

Source: Linkwell International (HK) Co., Ltd.
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