360 Enterprise Security Solutions Appear at RSAC2019

The Vendor's Data-driven Security Solutions Draw Significant Attention
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SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- RSA Conference 2019 (RSAC2019) is taking place in San Francisco, the United States. The annual meeting, which has always drawn the most attention across the global cyber information security community, attracts 736 security vendors and organizations from around the world this year. Among them are 36 China-based information security businesses represented by 360 Enterprise Security Group showcasing China's strength in cyber security.

Security Makes the World a Better Place

As the advancement of new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computation, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, mobile Internet and block chains has driven a new wave of industrial transformation over recent years, global cyber security threats and emerging cybercrimes are increasingly rampant, with major and severe cyber security incidents occurring from time to time and the cyber security situation becoming more and more serious.

That's why RSAC2019 is themed with "Better", aimed at exploring new fields of cyber security development in the context of digital age and looking for higher quality of security vendors, products and service solutions, and ultimately "Security Makes the World a Better Place".

Keeping this in mind, such topics as emerging threats, privacy supervision, data protection, talents, DevSecOps, security education and training, security compliance management are of the biggest concerns during the conference, in addition to the conventional workshop attended by a panel of cryptologists.

Among the exhibitors are 736 security vendors from different countries in the world, industry decision-makers, senior experts and academics who discuss the latest trends and technologies on cyber security.

360 Data-driven Security Solutions Draw Much Attention

36 of all the security vendors at RSAC2019 come from China, representing an increase of 38% compared to last year.

As the leading vendor of enterprise-level security market in China, 360 Enterprise Security Group is also appearing at the conference, showcasing its threat intelligence capabilities based on "data-driven security" concept and the solutions covering industry security, big data security, cloud security and new border security.

The security solutions presented at the conference are developed based on the core technology concept of "data-driven security" by 360 Enterprise Security Group through making great efforts to explore and promote the application of cloud, big data, AI and other new technologies in cyber security. Designed to address the most urgent cyber security issues clients are facing, these solutions have been widely adopted in China by government agencies, military, financial, operators, education, energy and other sectors.

In particular, 360 Threat Intelligence Capability is able to detect threats in a precise, encompassing and timely manner, thus improving users' refined management of their own security; the big data security solution delivers three-layer data security capacity from protection tools, operation platform to data security services; the cloud security solution provides a platform of "Security as a Service" while achieving automatic orchestration of security services. Furthermore, the new border solution takes advantage of the new generation of security technologies to help users build a security big data-driven dynamic prevention system at cyber borders, while the industrial security solution enables the security protection of hosts in industrial intranets, border protection, intranet and extranet monitoring, as well as multi-level interaction. All these cyber security solutions reflecting the "data-driven security" concept developed by 360 Enterprise Security Group provide new forces, new tools, new tactics and new strategies to address the industrial needs in the new age of cyber security.

At the scene of RSAC2019, the cyber security solutions with the core concept of "data-driven security" developed by 360 Enterprise Security Group have received much attention from the global participants and their thumbs up.

Strategic Cooperation Reached between ISC and CSA

In addition to the discussion of network security issues and the display of security technologies, the strategic cooperation between the Internet Security Conference (ISC) and the CSA Cloud Security Alliance is also a highlight of the RSAC2019 conference.

At the RSAC2019 conference site, the ISC Internet Conference, known as the Asia-Pacific Network Security Vane, held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with CSA Cloud Security Alliance, an authoritative organization in the international cloud computing industry. In the future, the two sides will strive to promote exchanges and cooperation among political, industrial, academic, research and user sectors in the field of network security worldwide, and jointly explore global governance, trends in the latest technologies, challenged situation, security innovations and best practices, so as to help the organization define new boundary of cloud security.

The strategic cooperation between the ISC Internet Conference and the CSA Cloud Security Alliance is not only regarded as a "gift" for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the CSA Cloud Security Alliance, but also considered as the release of the influence of the ISC Internet Conference from the Asia-Pacific region to the world. At the signing ceremony, the two parties announced that they will hold the CSA Cloud Security Summit during the ISC2019 Internet Conference held in Beijing in August this year.

In addition, during the RSAC2019, the ISC Internet Conference will hold a series of activities to bring together top experts and think tanks of global network security, as well as leading enterprises in the field of network security to participate in the ISC2019 Internet Security Conference to promote exchanges and cooperation in the global network security field.

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