8th annual Maker Carnival: a glimpse into makers' future

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SHANGHAI, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 Maker Carnival, sponsored by DFRobot, opened at Jiangwan Stadium, Shanghai on Friday, October 18th.

Initiated in 2012, the annual event gathers creative makers from all over the world to display cutting-edge technology, high-tech robotic products and new ideas in art, design, science and technology. It is also a platform to cultivate more innovative young people in China. 

The 8th Maker Carnival Shanghai has become China's largest annual maker party.
The 8th Maker Carnival Shanghai has become China's largest annual maker party.

STEM experts from China, the Netherlands and Japan attended the International Future Course Design Forum 2019 during the event. 

They shared their experience in curriculum design and development. New achievements and trends in artificial intelligence were also discussed.

The Shanghai large-scale maker party was held for the eighth time in a row. During the three-day event, exhibitors, geeks, technology and art lovers from all over the world gathered here to witness the world's top technology to bring about new changes in learning, work and life, under the guidance of the "creative spirit" to think about the future of science and technology and art.

Compared with previous years, the scale of this carnival venue was upgraded, and the event site was unprecedented. The main venue of the carnival is located in Jiangwan Stadium, a historic building originally built in 1935.

The three day event was held Oct 18-20. Originally started in Bangkok, the form of "Maker Parade" was introduced by the Japanese maker SUZUKI-San front Skeleton guy, to Tokyo, and this time Shanghai, which was a good demonstration and fun for visitors.

With over 300 creators, 30 themed forums, and more than 1,000 projects, two classic international events also landed on the this year's carnival site.

In the drone zone, X-FLY kicked off the 2019 gt-X endurance race, making the site the world's first stop for the GT-X endurance race. Since the official cooperation with Maker Carnival in 2016, X-FLY has held three consecutive drone racing competitions, attracting the attention and participation of more than 3000 domestic and foreign makers and more than 500 start-up teams, and staged the "Air F1" innovative technology competition. With a speed of nearly 200 kilometers per hour in Jiangwan Stadium in the soaring "Air F1" - X-Fly drone race GT-X endurance race, it was the first time spectators watched the "uninterrupted flight" race system and X-FLY's unique "entry" mechanism to increase the tactical endurance race. At the same time, more emphasis is placed on team work.

And in the LRFT exhibition area, the ROBOT Fighting Time, hosted by the LBT Robotic Combat Team Alliance, also earned the attention of the event. Based on their rich experience in domestic and international competitions, the six post-1990 members independently formulated new evaluation rules and launched the 1.36kg Beetle-class robot fighting competition.

This year's Maker Carnival also featured a series of projects related to scientific experiments, which arouse curiosity and cognitive desire for science through hands-on experience.

Among them was X-FLY genius small flyer laboratory crowd. Different from the traditional single-discipline, heavy book knowledge mechanical education, which is popular with children's STEAM educational concept, the drone involved aerodynamics, mechanics, materials, programming and other disciplines into the classroom practice, breaking the "learning" and "play" boundaries, let the children play in middle school, learning to do.

The magic "nitrogen" was an interactive science show popular with children at the event. By demonstrating the magic phenomenon of the change and function of different forms of liquid nitrogen, the wonderful knowledge of liquid nitrogen-197 degrees ultra-low temperature, hot swelling and cold shrinkage, gasification and liquefaction was brought to the children's popularity, which led them into the door of science and stimulated their active exploration of scientific interest and creativity.

At the same time, a more comprehensive and intuitive presentation of the charm of science and technology was located in the center of the carnival's main venue of the super-sized roadshow stage, to provide a better display platform for the maker. Every creative guest had the opportunity to take to the stage and, through 15 minutes of exclusive speaking time, to fully showcase his work and ideas to the world, bringing the atmosphere of the event to a climax again and again in the process.

As China's largest maker party, the Maker Carnival aims to provide a host of technology and inspiration to more life-loving and curious ordinary people, in this way to create a truly connected life and science and technology platform.

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