An Extra-Ordinary Beginning! The First Significant Female Superhero Arrives

A.D. Winch
2012-11-20 16:30 1209

PRAGUE, Nov. 20, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

"An Extra-Ordinary Beginning", the debut novel by A.D. Winch about a new kind of superhero, is out now. Children and adults around the world who are tired of the stereotypical superhero - white adult male with his underpants outside his trousers - will find this story is for them.

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Ursula and Eric are characters readers can relate to and whose superpowers are within their reach. Ursula is originally from Africa and promises to be the first significant superhero for girls regardless of colour, nationality or race. In a genre in which girls are seen as sidekicks or sub-plots, along comes a female character who is central to an entire series of books. This is not to say that the internationally educated Eric is irrelevant. There are more than three million students being educated worldwide who now have a hero who shares their experience and can truly be described as a global citizen.

Superpowers are possible! 90 years ago the women's 100 metre record was 13.6 seconds and the men's 10.4. It was considered impossible to break 11 or 10 seconds - only a superwoman or superman could do it - now it is considered the norm for world-class sprinters. They have achieved what earlier athletes would have classed as super. Eric and Ursula's super abilities lie in what is humanly possible through dedicated pratice rather than what is impossible; inspiring readers to achieve more themselves without thinking "nobody can do that".

On Amazon people are already saying "this is a gripping book," "a really worthy debut" and "a fantastic read."    

"An Extra-Ordinary Beginning" is an extraordinary book that excites the reader with twists and turns, intrigue and fast-paced action, leaving the reader desperate to read more of "The Adventures of Eric and Ursula".


Originally from England, A.D. Winch has lived in Transylvania, war-torn Sri Lanka and above the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. He currently lives in Prague overlooking a tower covered in giant babies.

A.D. Winch has written plays for children that have been successfully performed around the world and two films - "Seagulls" and the mysterious documentary "Your Baby Disappeared".

When he is not writing he enjoys teaching children and spending time with his family.

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