Applehour Becomes The Exclusive Agent for OSINO Brand Lenses

2013-01-22 22:00 900

SHENZHEN, China & GUANGZHOU, China, January 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Applehour, a site dedicated to Apple accessories, is now the "OSINO" brand's exclusive agent. OSINO is a leading maker of phone camera lenses. Unlike other brands of lenses, the latest OSINO lenses are compatible with most cell phones, not just the iPhone. Moreover, the R&D team at OSINO has tested many phone models to ensure the utmost optical perfection. Therefore, there is no worry about image effects.

OSINO lenses work with most cell phone brands.

Nowadays, many people use cell phones to take pictures. However, if you want to use your phone for taking close-up shots or wide scenes, you may not be able to get the desired effect. You're in luck. OSINO's phone lenses can solve your problem. There are almost 30 models of OSINO lenses: fish eye, macro, wide angle, long-focus and other lens kits. With OSINO's fish eye lens, for example, you can create visual distortion, resulting in a spherical or panoramic image. OSINO's wide angle/macro lenses allows for close-up photography of generally very small objects. Whatever the need, there is nothing to do but use an OSINO lens. Now, you can shop for OSINO lenses at

According to the latest statistics, cell phones have topped cameras on Flickr's popularity charts. OSINO lenses work with most smart phones and it provides users with a variety of different lens options, such as fish-eye, wide angle or long focus. Of course, you can't compare it with an SLR camera, but it is enough to meet your daily needs. Most OSINO lenses are about $3 to $15, except for the long-focus lens. Among them, our hottest fish eye lens is just $5.69. We're now all in the grip of "FOMO addiction". If you are too, OSINO lenses are a must and OSINO offers an iphone lens too.

OSINO lenses are very simple and can be easily installed or taken off. Please note that dust is easily attached when you take off the lens. For that reason, there is a lens lid and a clean cloth included in the package. Moreover, most OSINO lenses use metal material and as such avoid scratching in daily use.

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