Beike Biotechnology Unveils Comprehensive Cancer-treating Immunotherapy Program

2016-04-27 22:00 1590

SHENZHEN, China, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Through strategic licensing, acquisition and independent R&D, Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has gained a strategic position in the immunotherapy field. Beike has multiple international cutting-edge and innovative immunotherapy technologies and products becoming available to the public shortly. Our strategic immunotherapy partner Altor Biosciences has partnered with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to further develop ALT803, our proprietary interlukin superagonist for cancer treatments, via their Cancer Moonshot 2020 program, allowing for two developmental drugs to be combined for use in clinical trials.

ALT803 is considered the most promising interleukin drug for cancer treatment by the National Cancer Institute. Furthermore, MAR-based (MHC Antigen Receptor) antibodies, bi-specific antibodies, MCAR-T, MCAR-NK cell therapy and the like have advantages over the regular CAR-T, TCRT and Bi-specific antibodies in treating hematologic and solid tumors and virally infected disease. Below are detailed descriptions of a few of these technologies. The full product rollout timeline can be found in the link below.

ALT803, IL-15 Super Agonist

As a result of encouraging pre-clinical studies, the NCI considers IL-15 as one of the most promising therapeutic agents in cancer treatment. ALT803 is a recombinant human super agonist interleukin-15(IL-15). It is a potent immunotherapeutic agent capable of activating immune cell responses against hematologic and solid tumors and virally infected cells. ALT803 is currently in clinical development and is being evaluated by Altor Biosciences in four U.S.-based clinical trials in various cancer indications. Besides the ALT803 therapeutic drug, Beike is also developing an 803 cell culture medium. The 803 cell culture medium will significantly enhance the persistence of T and NK cells ex vivo and in vivo.

In 2015, Beike acquired Nanjing Abingen Biotech Co. Ltd., an innovative immunotherapy developer with a strong portfolio of proprietary technologies and products. Based on this licensing and acquisition, and through corporate restructuring, capital expansion, and program combination, Transimmune Biotech Inc. was incorporated in 2015. Transimmune, as a Beike's affiliated company, will provide to the market a series of innovative immunotherapeutic programs.

MAR-based Antibody

Transimmune has developed a unique technology platform for discovery antibodies that binds not only cell surface antigens, but also intracellular antigen fragments. This class of antibody is called MHC Antigen Receptor, or MAR. As a class of antibody, MAR technology will have many applications in treating diseases. Also in the pipeline, Transimmune will launch a series of bi-specific antibody fusion protein drug candidates, BiAT bi-specific antibodies. Those drug candidates will use MAR as the target binding end combined with T cell engagers.

MAR-based Cell Therapy

In the past few years, T cell chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) technology has led to a revolution in the oncology field and changed the landscape of medical oncology. CAR-T technology uses genetic engineering to have T cells express antigen receptors, enhancing the T cells to target cell combinations and overcome immunotolerance. CAR-T has shown great potential in cancer treatment. CAR-T technology in its current form can only target cancer antigens on the cell surface. However, 80-90% of cancer targets are intracellular, which CAR-T cannot find to bind with. Based on MAR technology, Transimmune will launch a series of cell therapy products, including MCAR-T (MAR based CAR-T) and MCAR-NK. MAR-based CAR-T cell and CAR-NK cell therapy have a distinct advantage compared regular CAR-T - a much wider spectrum of target binding. Compared with TCR-T technology, it has better specificity and affinity, and is therefore safer as well.

Laboratory Reagent

Besides therapeutic products, Transimmune will also provide laboratory products to serve the cell therapy and cell banking industry, including cell freeze solutions and cell culture mediums.

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