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HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- was founded in 2014 because we wanted to provide an affordable and a hassle-free online platform for everything health and wellness in Hong Kong. The idea was to have the best products from all over the world on an easy-to-use and hassle-free online platform.

Today we have over 700 products including food and beverages and beauty and spa. In early December we will expand to Healthy Home category and will bring you products such as water filters, toxin-free dishwashers and air purifiers.

We provide a free delivery in Hong Kong. Always -- whether you buy a single snack bar or 10 kilograms of products, the delivery is free for you.

Berrytime Facts

  • Product range: 700+ products and growing.
  • More than 50% of our products are unique in Hong Kong.
  • Free delivery in Hong Kong. Always!
  • Average delivery time 1.6 business days.
  • Guaranteed next business day delivery to business addresses in Hong Kong.
  • Average service rating from our customers: 5 stars.

Committed to Ethical Business Practices

The health and wellness industry is full of not-so-ethical marketing gimmicks and even pure frauds. Berrytime is committed to ethical business practices and not using marketing gimmicks to boost our sales or profit margins.

What do we mean by Ethical Business Practices?

Here are a few examples what happens in the health and wellness and the food industry, and what we are not supporting nor practicing.

PETA revealed that bone char -- often referred to as natural carbon -- is widely used by the sugar industry as a decolorizing filter, which allows the sugar cane to achieve its desirable white color. [1]

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman conducted a scientific study, using DNA sequencing to test the ingredients in six types of herbal supplements, looking at different brands from multiple stores (total 78 different samples and 390 tests run in all). Shockingly, 79% of the supplements tested did not contain the primary ingredient listed on the label. Many of them contained other plant material, including plants that might cause an allergic reaction in unsuspecting customers. Contaminants included rice, alfalfa, wheat, daisy, pine, grass, citrus, cassava and houseplant DNA.[2]

Italian olive oil is seldom made of olives, which come from Spain, Morocco and Tunisia, and cut with soybean oil and other cheap oils from China. Obviously, Olive-Soybean oil doesn't really taste or look like real Italian extra virgin olive oil, but once some beta-carotene and chlorophyll are added, it is a whole another story - we have the (not so) extra virgin olive oil ready for you.[3]

Most BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) supplements are made from human hair and duck feather. While that is disgusting enough, the more disturbing fact is that the hair is often coming from either China or Brazil, and neither of the countries are particularly model students when it comes to human rights.[4]

We understand that you don't have time to check the backgrounds from all the products you use. That is why we are committed to do the background checks for you, so you can use them without worrying whether you or your family's health are going to be compromised by the food you eat.

Black Friday -- November 27th,  2015

It's that time of the year again. will have 100+ products on up to 70% discounts. Last year we sold out many of the goods and this year we are better prepared, but the changes are that the same will happen this year again. Browse at on this coming Friday and you can't but help noticing the unrealistically low prices of ours.


Every time we order from Berrytime, the service consistently exceeds expectations. The products were sitting in my pantry within two hours of ordering. Fantastic! We love that they don't use plastic packaging to wrap glass jars for transportation, like other online stores in Hong Kong and beyond. Nothing a piece of reused cardboard can't fix in the box. Thanks Berrytime.

- Melissa S. (Hong Kong)

Ok, so this is the Hong Kong deal. The website is simply stunning as far as layout, text, pictures and information goes. It's user friendly and simply crazy tempting to explore and lose yourself in. The range of products is growing, all great quality stuff and the service is amazing. Shipping is free and the stuff reaches my home faster than any other web ship I've ever used. All my thumbs are up!

- Catarina L. (Hong Kong)

My second time ordering from Berrytime was just as good as the first. Great customer service, variety of products and quick delivery -- what more could you want.

Michele L. (Hong Kong)

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