China Architectural Engineering, Inc. Changes Name to China CGame, Inc.

2011-03-30 14:13 1262

CHANGZHOU, China, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China Architectural Engineering, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCGM), a self-developer of online games and a provider of high-end envelope architectural systems, today announced that it has changed the Company's corporate name from China Architectural Engineering, Inc. to China CGame, Inc. to better reflect the Company's focus on providing MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) in China.  

The Company's stock ticker symbol on the NASDAQ Select Global Market changed from "CAEI" to "CCGM" and the CUSIP number for the Company's common stock has been changed to 16946P 107.

Mr. Steven Xing, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, "Following a period of integration and adjustment, we believe that the old name failed to reflect the Company's new business model. Originally our focus was high-end building envelope architectural systems, but now we are entering the online game market. I am pleased to announce both the change in our corporate name and our new line of business. Our first online game began a closed beta test on March 24, 2011 and achieved the desired results. We believe that our new business model will better utilize our resources and help rebuild the Company's value."

About China CGame, Inc.

China CGame, Inc. is a self-developer of online games and provider of high-end building envelope architectural systems. Through its subsidiary, Shanghai ConnGame Network, the Company leverages its proprietary game engines, development platforms, and production teams to develop and operate MMORPGs. The Company has two games under development. The first game, "Revolution," will allow game players to travel between Western and Eastern cultures, including adventures at historic locations and turf wars. The second game, "The Warring States," is a historic military adventure game based on the well-known period in ancient Chinese history of the same name. The Company also provides design, engineering, fabrication and installation services for high-end curtain wall systems, roofing systems, steel construction systems, and eco-energy systems. For further information on China CGame, Inc., please visit

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