Classic Jewelry That is Never Behind the Times

SHENZHEN, China, August 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- It is not a hidden fact that no wedding can be complete without jewelry. Women wear jewelry items on occasions especially like weddings. Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co., Ltd, a special company that manufactures wedding dresses, is pleased to announce its formal introduction of jewelry after complex and complete analysis of market trends for customer satisfaction.

Jewelry is both becoming influential in both fashion and spiritual culture. Jewelry can express the wearers' taste, personality, and attitude toward something in life or just life itself. The increasing demands also bring more innovative designs with different combinations. Products offered by Wuzhou Changlian range from cheap pearl sets to silver jewelry available in stylish designs with more colors. Even for some daily necklaces, rings or bracelets, our products always have delicate details and custom made designs, which can be regarded as art. In addition, our handmade craft is integrated in the manufacturing of jewelry, which adds quality. As for the pearl sets, we offer many different pearl shapes for necklaces, along with dozens of colors and sizes for customers' further choice, like rice shape or egg, water drop or just round shapes. Each necklace comes with its unique detailed design and collocation of straps and pearls. Silver decorations are one of our two main categories that are hot in sales, including silver rings and bracelets. Besides, our wholesale jewelry comes with free shipping.

With such a necklace or bracelet decoration, the customer can more easily show her personality during special occasions, like in a wedding party, ball gown or homecoming holiday. The customer will just adore different discounted jewelry with the limited dresses rather than spend more money on the dress.

More jewelry like silver/pearl made necklaces, rings, bracelets or broaches can be found on

Source: Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co., LTD