The 30th Anniversary of Dynasty Popularizes Red Wine Culture in China

Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited
2010-10-20 21:44 1403

Dynasty Fine Wines Group to celebrate thirtieth anniversary celebrations
    TIANJIN, China, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The leader in the Chinese wine industry, Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited, will hold a great celebration for its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, the landmark building, Dynasty Wine Chateau, will host a Grand opening ceremony. At the same time, the Red Wine Art Expo, which is the International Bottle Label Design Expo, will also hold its 30th anniversary celebrations. The Dynasty Chateau will enable people of all nations to experience oriental and western wine culture, and will become a sacred place in the Chinese wine making industry.

    As a leader in China's wine industry, Dynasty has brought China's wine industry into the international traditional craft of full juice fermentation, and opened a new era for Chinese wine making. Over the past 30 years, Dynasty has continually grown and developed, with efforts to build Asia's largest wine chateau and their 9 meter deep wine cellar which has often won them awards in the international wine industry, including 14 golds, honoured with the "Award of International Top Quality" by the Brussels International Wine Show. The output of Dynasty has now reached 70,000 tons (roughly 66,700,000 bottles).

    While the 30 anniversary celebration of Dynasty is underway, the French wine liquor fort cultural center will be located at the Dynasty Wine Chateau, and the building will bear more of the sacred mission of Sino-French cultural exchanges. China's wine lovers can build an understanding of the international channel of French red wine, and also open the way for Western understanding of China's wine essence. Dynasty is committed to popularizing wine knowledge and helping Chinese consumers understand wine culture and identify good wine. Meanwhile, the chateau will also organize various exhibitions on French wine, food and culture to build up a platform of wine tasting, promotion, trade and storage for wine lovers in China.

    30 years ago, Dynasty opened a new era in wine for China, 30 years later, Dynasty will create a new dynasty of Chinese wine.

Source: Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited