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2010-05-04 21:00 538

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 4 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- April 28th, 2010, "Join EVOC for a Valuable Partnership", a gathering of EVOC's customers and partners in the North American region was held at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California. This event marked EVOC's official entry into the U.S. market. As a leading embedded and industrial PC manufacturer in the world, EVOC announced its plan to enhance marketing efforts in the North American region in 2010.

The Global Sales Director of EVOC said at the meeting: "EVOC is the only listed company in the Chinese IPC industry and has been leading in the domestic market share for many years. EVOC attaches great importance to North America, which is one of the biggest IPC markets around the globe. We hope after this meeting we will be able to boost the mutual understanding and strengthen our cooperation with North American customers. At the same time, this event also serves as an opportunity for those who intend to become an EVOC distributor to know more about EVOC."

To better demonstrate the value of EVOC products, EVOC also participated in the ESC Silicon Valley 2010 in Los Angeles, where EVOC showcased a series of embedded and industrial PC products for a wide range of industries, such as automobile, energy, metallurgy, public utility, technology, infotainment, banking, health care and bio-technology, etc. After visiting the EVOC booth, a large number of customers said: "Technology and quality of EVOC products are really impressive. EVOC deserves its fame as a renowned brand in China. We can see from this company that China is accelerating the shift from 'made-in-China' to 'created-in-China'".

Before its entry into the U.S. market, EVOC had already actively expanded its overseas business operation in other parts of the world. In 2009, EVOC set up its European head office in Germany, and established branches or offices in many countries around the world, including Russia, South Korea, Australia, Israel and India. Now EVOC is planning to set up its technical support center in North America as soon as possible, and establish overseas maintenance service centers and technical service centers in 20 countries in 3 years. EVOC is determined to build a world-renowned brand. To make sure the overseas business is supported by powerful technology, EVOC stepped up its R&D investment in 2009 - a 230,000 square meter (largest of its kind in Asia) EVOC R&D/manufacturing base for embedded and industrial PC products was launched. With more than 600 pieces of new equipment to be introduced, the new facility is expected to bring EVOC's annual output to RMB5 billion.

With the continuous development of technology and market, EVOC is quickening its pace toward globalization, boosting its technological cooperation with international counterparts, and bringing more cost-effective products to North America market.

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EVOC is one of the leading manufacturers of embedded and industrial computing products. It has over 1,500 types of products, including Fanless Systems, ETX/Com-Express, Full-size CPU Card, Half-size CPU Card, 3.5" Single Board, 5.25" Single Board, EPIC Board, Industrial Panel PC, Workstation, PC/104 product, CompactPCI, Network Application Platform, Rugged Laptop and OEM/ODM services. As a high-tech company, EVOC devotes itself to providing highly reliable and stable embedded products and system-integrated solutions for various applications, such as banking, electric power, electronics, energy, environmental protection, gaming, instrumentation, manufacturing, medical care, networking, telecoms and transportation, etc.

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