EZconnect(TM) Mobile Service Making a Splash at Shanghai Expat Show

Yoyoor, Inc.
2008-09-16 16:50 600

Aiming to Serve China’s Foreigners, Mobile Service Finds Great Market in China

HANGZHOU, Sept. 17 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Cybernaut-invested Yoyoor, Inc. ( ) will unveil its new mobile assistance service, EZconnect, at the Shanghai Expat Show from September 19 to 21 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Yoyoor uses mobile services and the internet to offer high-tech services for overseas visitors to China. In light of the company’s rapid development, they are unveiling the new EZconnect service to expand their market into the expat arena.

According to Yoyoor CEO Joss Shen, “We actually thought of EZconnect awhile ago. For people like me who frequently travel between the West and China, if someone calls me on my mobile phone, it costs me three dollars just to answer the call. But with EZconnect’s call forwarding, I answer every call right away and talk for as long as I like.”

Yoyoor’s marketing has found that a majority of expats in China desire this type of call divert service. Most say that because of complex dialing procedures and high fees, they eventually stopped using their home phone number altogether, but this has resulted in losing contact with many close friends.

Moreover, those surveyed by Yoyoor said that they often have inconvenience trying to accomplish simple things in China, like finding restaurants, booking accommodation and stores, because of the language barrier. Yoyoor’s EZconnect has been developed especially for expats to resolve these two major issues.

About Yoyoor

Founded in 2007, as a U.S. corporation with branch offices located in major cities in China, Yoyoor, Inc. is a leading provider of travel assistance services to foreign visitors in China. Besides EZconnect, Yoyoor also provides TripPal smartphone rental service as well as EZphone mobile rental service.

For further information, please visit or call 866-310-9696 (USA), 400-672-9696 (China).

Source: Yoyoor, Inc.