Focusing on Android, Borqs Well Set for Global Expansion

2012-05-10 21:00 923

CUPERTINO, Calif., May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Borqs International Holding Corp (Borqs), a leading global end-to-end Android+ and Cloud software solutions provider, recently announced its expanded global market development strategy. According to the new strategy, the company will be committed to providing customizable, integrated Android+ software platform solutions and end-to-end service platform solutions for worldwide mobile operators, terminal manufacturers and chip manufacturers. This indicates that Borqs, through redefining its position and target markets, is dedicated to becoming a leading global Android+ software and service solution provider catering to the booming mobile internet market around the world. In addition, Borqs reconfirmed its determination to be a major driving force in the innovation and openness of the global mobile internet industry.

Borqs has made great achievements in the Chinese market since its establishment in 2007 through powerful, innovative Research and Development. By joining forces with the Tier one operators in the world, Borqs has developed the first independently secure and manageable basic software platform for smart mobile terminals in China. It has also collaborated with dozens of well-known global terminal manufacturers and commercially launched more than 40 Android terminal products with sales totaling over 4 million units across 15 countries.

With its focus on open, innovative technology development, Borqs is committed to providing customers with leading-edge commercial-grade Android+ software solutions in collaboration with its excellent partners. To date, Borqs has established close partnerships with more than 10 chip manufacturers, including the world's top five chip manufacturers. In 2010, Borqs helped a well-known global chip manufacturer launch the industry's first TD-SCDMA single chip SOC (Modem & AP) within one year. Borqs also provided a complete reference software solution, dramatically enhancing the competitiveness and popularity of TD-SCDMA Android smart phones. In 2011, Borqs helped another world leading chip manufacturer release the first Android terminal based on its own chip products, realizing a breakthrough for smart phone in the mobile internet industry. It is reported that its terminal products have hit the Indian market and will be available in Europe and Mainland China soon. As a senior executive from this manufacturer commented, "Borqs represents a key growth segment in the mobile eco-system and will continue to provide ground-breaking features for the next generation of mobile devices."

Through years of growth, Borqs has accumulated a wealth of Android-related experience supporting mobile internet services with the highest users experience at the front device that is powered by a scalable back end cloud-based platform. Such an end to end service platform includes the support for software upgrade, data backup, synchronization and sharing, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), contents push, unified user and device authentication, and presence and instant messaging, as well as a growing number of value added services. At present, Borqs has established strong partnerships with a growing list of telecom operators across Asia and Europe. Remarkably, Borqs has partnered with the most influential full-service telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific region to support rich communication services that seamlessly integrate legacy services with next generation IP-based multi-media services. To enable operators to rapidly expand its new product and service portfolio, the open service platform also support the integration of internet based applications and contents developed by 3rd parties. It has been reported that this technology partnership will potentially address a market of 200 million users in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China).

"Borqs has been growing consecutively," stated Mr. Pat Chan, President and CEO of Borqs. "We are committed to becoming the front-runner in the field of end-to-end integrated Android software solutions and confident that we will be able to advance our technology leadership into the global market. Borqs has a world class professional management team, with a proven track record, and excellent execution over the past few years. Adhering to our principles of innovation, openness, partnership, and highest service quality, we will continue to provide the most advanced technologies with the best user experience, thereby helping our customers create the highest value."

About Borqs

Borqs International Holding Corp, established in September 2007, is a technology company dedicated to providing customizable, integrated Android software platform solutions and end-to-end service platform solutions for the worldwide mobile operators, terminal OEMs, and chip manufacturers. Headquartered in China, the company has also established offices and R&D centers in India and China. Borqs is primarily invested by Keytone Ventures, GSR Ventures, Tsinghua Venture Capitals, Norwest Venture Partners, and Intel Capital. It is now an active member of Google/OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and TD Industry Alliance. Please visit for more information.

Source: Borqs International Holding Corp