Frbiz Report: Apple Cannot Rule the PC Market

2010-10-25 21:39 1076

BEIJING, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --

Frbiz analyzes that there are eight reasons to explain why Apple cannot rule the PC market.

1. Secondary Enterprise Market

Many enterprises rely on Microsoft Windows PC as standard equipment. When these companies need to buy new equipment, they will choose to use the equipment that is similar to the current products, which will help them to save money and time. Of course, some enterprises will also have some Mac computers, which are mainly used by designers. However, these users don't normally promote Apple products.

2. Lack of Business Applications

If enterprises cannot find expanded business software solutions, they will not choose Mac computers. Mac computers have 9,826 types of software, while Windows software has exceed 79,000 million types.

3. Price

Apple's computer prices are relatively high. Except for the price of US$499 for the iPad, the cheapest Apple computer is the 6 MacMini at 99 U.S. dollar. And MacMini is only a host; users still need to purchase a monitor, mouse and keyboard. If users want to buy a MacBook laptop, then the 13-inch product is at least US$900. If users choose other companies' products, they have more options.

4. Expensive Repair Fees

Apple can provide reliable products and technical support. However, once the users' Apple products are damaged, then the repair cost is quite expensive, sometimes even exceeding the laptop's sale price.

5. Consumers and Enterprises Refuse Change

Consumer and enterprises are afraid of unknown things. For enterprises, the cost of replacing a platform is very high, which includes purchasing new system, devices and supporting software, etc. In addition, many enterprises' IT professionals know little about Mac computers, compared with their knowledge of Windows computers. For common consumers, replacing the platform is relatively easy, but many are not familiar with Mac, and also are not willing to waste the time to learn a new interface.

6. Some Software Can Only Used on PC

Many companies say that their old private enterprise software cannot run in Windows7. These enterprises may not convert to Mac computers, because the software cannot run on Mac computers, and most private software systems are not developed for multiple platforms.

7. Too Many Limitations Make it Unsuitable for DIY Users

The Windows PC is favored by DIY users, but Mac is not. Users can buy a computer, and install MacOSX system.

8. Lack of Games

Few games are introduced with Mac versions, while for PC there are a lot of games. Lack of games is the main reason why many individual users shy away from the Apple platform.

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