Frbiz Discusses the Urea Market

2010-04-01 22:06 486

BEIJING, April 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, discusses the urea market.

The difference between this year and previous years is the effect of the climate on the market. The North continues to be cold, while the rainy southwest has had a rare drought, which has directly delayed farmers' fertilizer use.

Frbiz expects that the domestic urea market is still not optimistic. Last week Shandong province's prices declined. Whether the market selling climax would happen on a large number of initial stock is still an issue with dealers. Companies have published all kinds of the sales policies concerning stock. The domestic downturn has forced some manufacturers and dealers to focus on the export season in July. Frbiz expects that after the market starts, dealers will see a price decline situation. The southwest market area drought situation sees the market use of urea largely reduced. Currently, China's bonded urea offers at 310 dollars, but there is no market for it.

When viewing the international market, following the fall in black sea urea prices ( ), the main demand country is currently Brazil. India, Pakistan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries have sluggish demand, leading to a decline in the international market price of urea.

The current market panic is extremely serious. However, the focus is changing to off-season export. As companies strive to make offers stable, waiting for dealers' purchasing, it is expected that the price of urea will decline in the short term and the rate will slow down.

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