Frbiz Reports High Volume Bottling Machines Have Great Potential

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BEIJING, Nov. 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports that high volume bottling machines have great potential.

In recent years, PET/HDPE plastic bottles are increasingly being used in the liquid food-packaging field. Plastic bottles that are large, strong, lightweight, easy to carry and recyclable have expanded their presence in liquid food packaging applications. In the beverage industry, for example, according to Frbiz's statistics, annual consumption of beverage bottles and plastic containers worldwide has reached more than one billion tons, and production and sales volume are growing year by year at a rate of 10%-19%. Liquid bottling machines, as important parts of food packaging equipment, will also grow in popularity accordingly in the food industry.

In the dairy industry, yogurt drinks in China's dairy market have maintained a more than 30% growth for three consecutive years. This application category has the highest potential. Plastic bottle packaging for yogurt beverage containers is the fastest-growing type of packaging -- an even higher growth rate than the product itself. For HDPE plastic bottles below 220ml used for yogurt drinks, the core consumer group is children. After more than ten years of development, the small package HDPE plastic bottles yogurt drink market is stable and developing rapidly. HDPE plastic bottles have become the children's yogurt drink packaging that has absolutely dominated the market share at 94%. Yogurt drinks larger than 350ml, appearing on the market in the last two years, have a rapidly increasing market share among 18- to

25-year-old young women. After several years of development, large packaging of yogurt drinks has expanded the scope of consumer groups, and the PET plastic bottles have become a leading packaging product for milk beverages. Liquid bottling machines will also become the leading packaging equipment.

Tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and functional drinks ( ) after several years' efforts, have become the beverage market's stable, mature product. There now is hot high-speed beverage filling technology for many enterprises to provide the best solutions that not only meet both the product growth and security, but also reduce the soft drink business package material costs and operating costs. As the high-speed hot filling machine technology matures, it will provide advanced, stable and reliable equipment -- beverage-filling machines for large- and medium-sized Chinese beverage production enterprises, to bring a more direct cost-effectiveness.


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