Free Voice Call/Messenger Application 'LINE' Hits 5 Million Downloads

2011-11-08 14:42 2851

Since downloading the iPhone version has stabilized, LINE scored high in App Store in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

TOKYO, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- NAVER Japan Corporation ("NAVER Japan", headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Morikawa Akira -- the CEO) is happy to announce that the total number of downloads for 'LINE' (, for both iPhone and Android, exceeded four million as of November 8, 2011, four months after the launch. LINE is one of our Smartphone applications, and provides free voice call/messenger.

LINE was launched on June 23, 2011 as a free group messenger application, available on Android and iPhone. When the "free call" and "emoticon & stamp" features were added to the application on October 4, the number of users skyrocketed, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, recording 300,000 downloads per day. On October 14, the number climbed to the highest of daily downloads since the launch -- 600,000. At the next day, on October 15, the number surpassed 3,000,000.

Despite the difficulties that the new iPhone version was suspended for downloading from App Store from October 19, the Android version managed to keep the growing trend of LINE.

Since downloading of the iPhone version from App Store has stabilized from November 11, LINE became the number one free application on App Store in Taiwan and Thailand. It has been well received in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macao as well, recovering the download number before October 19. And NAVER Japan is happy to announce that they reached the five million download mark today. (Please refer to the appendix on download growth and highest rank in app store.)

"Naver Japan will further improve the service to add new value to mobile communications making it a top mobile messenger in 108 countries worldwide."


Total Download Growth (Iphone And Android)

Users by OS

Highest Ranked in App Store

Country/Region Overall Social Networking
Japan 1 1
Kuwait 1 1
Saudi Arabia 1 1
Qatar 1 1
Bahrain 1 1
United Arab Emirates 1 1
Singapore 1 1
Malaysia 1 1
Taiwan 1 1
Macau 1 1
Hong Kong 1 1
Thailand 1 1
Oman 4 1
Yemen 4 1
Brunei 2 2
Jordan 3 2
Egypt 9 2
South Korea 30 2
Tunisia 17 3
Australia 13 4
New Zealand 19 4
Grenada 31 4
Montserrat 34 4

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Satoshi Yajima / Tomomi Kaneko
Naver Japan

Source: Naver Japan