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HONG KONG, March 31 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Get the latest 2010 summer bags for FREE? And the bags designed by dozens of European professional designers? YES! It is an experience activity from Hong Kong online seller ( ). On this website, anyone can apply for the limited number of new bags. After they receive the bags, they will be asked to put forward their suggestions on their design.

Isn't it crazy? Don't you guys even care about the cost? This doubt came from Sinamalls member Mary, a Miami girl. But Hong Kong analyst Jeff Lau considered it as a brand new marketing strategy. The designers' company's offering of free bags is a promotion expenses to collect consumers' feedback. And he also said that, although most main brand fashion bag designers are in Europe and America, 70% of the bags are manufactured in China. In Shenzhen, China, there are many companies and factories manufacturing bags for Burberry, Gucci, Coach, Armani, and some other top-ranking brands. They have commissioned Sinamalls to take charge of the experience activity and collect consumers' feedback to help influence bag design for the next season.

With regard to the experience activity, Sinamalls CEO Nemo said that they would offer 50 bags for each style, and Sinamalls would be in charge of feedback collection. All the bills would be paid by the designers' company, not people who receive bags. However, since the bags must be sent from China, a weight-based postage fee will need to be paid by anybody who desires a bag.

The first batch of ladies bags from Sinamalls includes: A women's long wallet, made with environmental materials, with shoulder bag and leather satchel. The topic will be youth, freedom and passion. A Fresh and bright lotus pink, soft pure color, varied shape, and the design of mixed floral patterns, pleat, lace and feather in large area will be a trend. The Tahiti Girls Series Long Wallet is an example. The inspiration came from Tahiti Girls in the Pacific, who make flowers, leaves and shells as their dresses, just like the natural and passionate Tahiti traditional music. The metal flakes on the wallet represent the shells, the flowers are dedicated embroidery and the blue leather is just like the vast Pacific Ocean. Speaking of the Women's leather Shoulder bag, named Miss Saigon, the designer's inspiration came from the Saigon girls in traditional ethnic costumes. Also, the Ladies Shoulder Bag in American pastoral style with green materials, weaved with natural grass, is always the designer's pursuit of the original sense of material and exquisite workmanship.

Madam Lisa, the Trend Commissioner from Paris Fashion College, Shanghai University, declared that in 2010 summer ladies bags will focus on bright colors, casual and vintage styles and environmentally friendly materials. These features perfectly match with those of the bags from Sinamalls, however whether the Sinamalls bags will be popular to European and American ladies will be decided by the trial users.

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