Green Key's VoIP Software Expands to Asian Brokers and Traders.

Green Key Technologies
2015-07-01 12:42 2024

SINGAPORE, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Key Technologies, provider of voice software designed specifically for traders and brokers, announced the expansion of their user base into Asia.

Earlier this week the first trade occurred in Asia using Green Key's "Soft Turret" which connects over the internet to a private VoIP network in Asia.

The trade was an FFA (Forward Freight Agreement) with Olam International on one side and the Singapore branch of London IDB, Freight Investor Services (FIS) on the other.

"As a trader, Green Key's voice software gives me instant access to the brokers I need to speak with across global markets. The application took seconds to download and I was talking with my FIS brokers almost immediately," Sean Deschamps, Trader for Olam said.

"Green Key's Soft Turret is easy to use and the voice quality is great. I was impressed with the speed of connectivity and am happy to have done the first Asian trade over Green Key," James Stoy, Broker for FIS said.

The Green Key VoIP network now includes over 175 of the world's largest banks, brokerage firms and trading firms and has steadily grown since the launch of Green Key in Q1 2014.

The "Virtual Turret" remains free for download and enables a trader to search a directory of brokers and instantly establish a voice connection, similar to Skype, but made for the financial markets. The secure connections are encrypted and conversations can be recorded and made available to compliance officers.

"Telecom is moving to the PC – where VoIP is dramatically cheaper, more secure and compliant," Anthony Tassone,Chief Executive Officer for Green Key Technologies, said. "The average Asian brokerage firm will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in telecom costs and efficiency gains by switching to Green Key".

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Our mission is to make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective. We believe physical lines and hardware are no longer required for secure, mission critical conversations to take place. Our solution is an encrypted global VoIP network and the development of intelligent Soft Turrets.

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