Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc. Announces Initiates Coverage

2007-06-05 18:58 657

GUANGZHOU, China, June 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Guangzhou Global Telecom Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZGT), a mobile phone handset and pre-paid calling card distributor and mobile handset value-added services provider in the PRC, announced that BUYINS.NET, , is initiating coverage of Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc. after releasing the latest short sale data on June 4, 2007. From May 15, 2007 to June 4, 2007, approximately 41.5 million total aggregate shares of GZGT have traded for a total dollar value of nearly $93.3 million. The total aggregate number of shares shorted in this time period is approximately 3.2 million shares. The GZGT SqueezeTrigger price of $2.25 is the volume weighted average short price of all short selling in GZGT. The first of several short squeezes began when shares of GZGT closed above $1.93. Approximately 593,000 shares that have been shorted between $1.77 and $1.93 are now out-of-the-money and starting to cover. To access SqueezeTrigger Prices ahead of potential short squeezes beginning, visit .

Month Total Vol. Short Vol Avg. Price Short $ Value

May 15, 2007 404,436 31,142 $1.77 $54,965

May 16, 2007 364,350 28,055 $1.79 $50,288

May 17, 2007 373,800 28,783 $1.82 $52,456

May 18, 2007 458,165 35,279 $1.87 $65,795

May 21, 2007 74,500 5,737 $1.87 $10,713

May 22, 2007 107,200 8,254 $1.86 $15,353

May 23, 2007 89,169 6,866 $1.86 $12,771

May 24, 2007 70,834 5,454 $1.87 $10,186

May 25, 2007 1,228,130 94,566 $1.90 $179,552

May 29, 2007 3,882,566 298,958 $2.02 $605,030

May 30, 2007 7,798,562 600,489 $2.25 $1,351,101

May 31, 2007 9,412,615 724,771 $2.52 $1,828,018

June 1, 2007 12,656,181 974,526 $2.33 $2,271,815

June 4, 2007 4,538,698 349,480 $1.93 $674,496

Total: 41,459,206 3,192,359 $2.25 $7,182,540

-- Short volume is approximated using a proprietary algorithm.

-- Average short price is calculated using a volume-weighted average short


-- Short volume is the total short trade volume and does not account for


About Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc.

Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc. is a national mobile phone handset and pre-paid calling card distributor and provider of mobile handset value-added services. Maintaining cooperative relationships with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, the Company seeks to become the largest sales and distribution center of mobile phones, mobile phone parts and prepaid mobile phone cards in China. GTL plans to introduce new software and services through an expanded network of regional and neighborhood service centers, shops and virtual stores. For details, please visit .


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