Himfr Analyzes LED Industry Application Markets

2010-09-09 21:19 1783

    BEIJING, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, analyzes LED industry application markets.

    Himfr analyzes that in recent years, the LED market scale has expanded fast.

    Application One: Display is the main LED application market.

    China LED display market is more mature than others, and has a strong amount of LED screen manufacturers. Currently, LED displays are widely applied in stations, banking, security uses, and hospitals. Regarding demand, LED displays and LED indicators account for 23.1% of the overall LED sales. With unique advantages, LED full-color displays are wildly used in sports venues, city squares, concerts, stations, airports and other places.

    Application Two: small backlights market

    LED have been applied to the small LCD panel's backlight market, and mobile phone production has increased, which drives backlighting market growth.  

    Application Three: Auto lamp market has great potential, but rough start

    In 2005, China's LED automotive applications market scale reached 29 million RMB, including 21 million RMB for automotive headlights. From the overall LED market perspective, the automobile application market is still budding, and the market scale is small.

    LEDs are great for auto lamp mainly because of their low power consumption, long life and corresponding speed. Currently, LEDs are also being applied in automobile brake lights. Because LED manufacturers are still facing unit low lumens wattage and relevant policies restrictions, further penetration of the car headlights market will take more time; however, as cost performance and efficiency improve, eventually LED will gradually take advantage of further applications in the auto lamp market. With great potential for car applications, the LED lamp market is facing a huge development potential.

    Application Four: landscape lighting

    The landscape lighting market is mainly street lighting, for squares and other public places, and decorative lighting, primarily at the government's initiative. Affected by 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the world expo 2010 Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai and other sites quickened the pace of landscape lighting consumption. Because of LED lighting's low power consumption, it's ideal for the landscape lighting market. At present, LEDs ( ) have more and more applications in the landscape lighting market.

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