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Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

HONG KONG, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars (the "Avenue"), the world's first avenue of stars themed on comic, celebrated its 1st anniversary with a Fun Day in Kowloon Park Piazza on 5th Oct. An edutainment event, the Fun Day featured a host of spectacular stage performances and inspiring workshops which aimed to promote local comic culture.

Sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Fun Day was co-organized by Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation (HKCAF), Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Support Centre, and the Organising Committee on Cultural Arts Events, Yau Tsim Mong District Council. Over 2 000 public, many of whom were parents and their kids, learned how to create and appreciate comics and animation at nine workshops for sketching comic and shooting stop-motion animation shooting, etc. Other stage shows and activities include comic graffiti, children's dance and singing, and cosplay parade.

The Fun Day's opening ceremony was officiated by Miss Susie Ho Shuk-yee, JP, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology), Dr. Tony Wong Yuk-long, Chairman of HKCAF, Mr. Joseph Poon, Director of Technology Development of the HKPC, and District Councilor Mr. Ip Ngo Tung, Chairman of the Organising Committee on Cultural Arts Events, Yau Tsim Mong District Council..

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Fun Day, Dr Wong said that, "The HKSAR Government spent much effort in promoting the development of local comic industry throughout the years. With the staunch support from CreateHK, the world's first avenue of stars themed on comic has been set up. It not only enhances the reputation of Hong Kong comics in the international arena, but also signifies a recognition to the comic industry, while at the same time provides a new tourist attraction that is full of educational and entertaining elements. We set education as the theme of today's Fun Day with activities for our younger generation to have more knowledge related to comics, with a hope to nurture more promising comic artists for Hong Kong."

Miss Susie Ho Shuk Yee, JP, said at the Ceremony that, "We attach great importance to the animation and comics industry, which plays a key role in Hong Kong's creative industries. Since 2009, CreateHK has sponsored over HKD58 million to support more than 40 projects that are conducive to the development of the local animation and comics sector. With overwhelming support from the industry, CreateHK has successfully organized a major promotional event for animation and comics, Hong Kong Ani-Com Summer 2013 (HKACS), this summer. Over 900,000 people participated in various programmes of the event."

"With the various activities and facilities, we hope to further enhance the community's interest in Hong Kong's animation and comics, and promote the development of the robust industry," she said,

The organizers also invited four local comic artists, namely, Mr. Alan Wan, Mr. Dick Kwong, Mr. Jeffery Lau, Mr. Ho Chi Man, to join Dr Tony Wong, in sharing their views on the importance of promoting Hong Kong comic culture.

Dr Tony Wong said, "By displaying the works and characters by local comic artists in different times, the Avenue brings nostalgic memories to the public, who could also introduce local comics to their younger family members. It also enables tourists to learn about the history and culture of our comics."

Mr. Jeffery Lau, who has been teaching children to draw comics, added that, "Children can start learning to create comic at young age to train up the coordination of their left and right brains and flexibility. They can also cultivate creativity and skills to express their views through arts by drawing comics." Mr Lau is the artist of notable comic work Feel 100%, which has been adapted into movies and TV series.

After the opening ceremony, Dr Tony Wong, Miss Susie Ho and other officiating guests joined the public at workshops on "Anime Flip Book" and "Drawing Comics with Fountain Pens". Dr Tony Wong also demonstrated how to draw comics with a fountain pen.

The Avenue was set up by the HKCAF under the sponsorship of CreateHK. It is located near the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard entrance of Kowloon Park, with 24 sets of painted figurines of local comic classics including Old Master Q, Cowboy, Miss 13 Dots, Tiger Wong, Cloud and others, as well as 10 bronze handprints of renowned local comic artists, The artists include Vincent Wong, Siu hak, Wong Sze-ma, Alphonso Wong and Joseph Wong, Lee Chi-ching, Lee Wai-chun, James Khoo Fuk-lung, Ma Wing-shing, Tony Wong and Jeffery Lau. The Avenue also has a Gallery of Comic History and Development and a Gallery of Comic Education to introduce Hong Kong comics history, the production process and tools involved in creating comics, and workshops and manuscripts of comic artists.

The Avenue opens daily from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight for free admission. For more details and enquiries on guided tours, please visit:

The 1st Anniversary Fun Day of the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars is one of the signature events under the theme of "Hip Hong Kong" in the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign.

Source: Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation (HKCAF)