Jin Jiang International Hotels wins PR Newswire 2015 Best Content Communication Award

SHANGHAI, Nov. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The PR Newswire 2015 New Communication Annual Summit and New Communication Awards Ceremony was successfully held on November 26th at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. The event brought together hundreds of communications specialists from public relations firms, multinational companies, emerging technology firms as well as traditional and emerging media organizations who took a look back at the story of communications over the past year and discussed present and future trends for companies, the media and audiences. The winners of the "PR Newswire 2015 New Communication Awards" were announced at the summit as well. Jin Jiang International Hotels was named the winner of the "Best Content Communication" award, becoming the only firm in the hotel management sector to receive the award.

Jin Jiang International Hotels wins PR Newswire 2015 Best Content Communication Award
Jin Jiang International Hotels wins PR Newswire 2015 Best Content Communication Award

The "PR Newswire New Communication Awards", China's first series of awards in the field of communications, were selected jointly by PR Newswire and a selected group of domestic and foreign public relations and communications firms, media groups and universities. The awards were designed to raise awareness among companies in terms of their news-centric content communications and promote good practices through the recognition and commending of the best examples of corporate communications. At this year's event, nearly 50 companies were named winners of eight communications awards for the excellence in communications practices that were implemented during 2014 and 2015 in the categories of Best Communications Content, Best Communications Effect, Best Communications Strategy, Best Global Communications, Best Video Communications, Best New Media Communications, Best CSR Communications and Best Entrepreneurship Communications.

Over the last few years, the rapidly evolving communications landscape, not only in China but also globally, have given rise to new communications channels and tools. More challenges came up in the relationship between companies and the media, both of whom have struggled to attract the attention of audiences in an increasingly fragmented world. The organizer of the event explained that the winner of "Best Content Communication" award was selected on the basis of several metrics, including communications strategy, content value and communications effect. The award requires potential recipients to integrate the concept of user experience into their content planning and production with a focus on the audience rather than the brand. In addition, the content of their communications needs not only be "relevant, useful and interesting", but also be in compliance with the "STORYTELLING guidelines", which require an official source, timely distribution, originality and uniqueness, a high level of readability, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, appealing themes, rich content elements as well as an appropriate length and meaningful links.

"As a brand that has a portfolio of over 120 distinctive star-rated hotels across China, Jin Jiang International Hotels is growing rapidly. We have always focused on attracting a target audience with potential through the creation and dissemination of diversified and interesting content, including the exchange of ideas during industry summits as well as news and information about new hotel openings and important industry awards, all of which consist of rich content with fresh and stimulating viewpoints. We expect to enhance customer loyalty, as well as the awareness and influence of the Jin Jiang brand through effective content communications."

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Source: Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co. Ltd.