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Leoch InternationalBecome the Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer

2011-07-04 21:27

Haojue Group's supplier to supple SLI battery

HONG KONG, July 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Leoch International Technology Limited ("Leoch International" or the "Company", Stock code: 842), a leading manufacturer and developer of lead-acid batteries in China is pleased to announce that the Company has passed the accreditation of Haojue Group, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China to become one of its certified suppliers to supply SLI battery to Haojue Group of its Haojue and Suzuki brand of motorcycle.

Mr. Dong Li, Chairman of the Company, said, "The accreditation by China's largest motorcycle manufacturer representing that the Group is becoming a leading player in China's motorcycle SLI battery market.  The Board believed that the accreditation by Haojue Group has proved the Group's ability to be a reliable supplier of high quality SLI motorcycle battery. Furthermore, it will enhance the Group's brand recognition by PRC customers, and increase its influence and bring positive effect to its expansion in PRC SLI motorcycle battery market."

Haojue Group is principally engaged in the manufacturing of motorcycle and related industry.  It has three production bases in Guangdong Jiangmen, Jiangsu Changzhou and Chongqing Jiangjin respectively.  Haojue Group's Haojue and Suzuki brand motorcycle are popular in China and are currently exported to more than 70 countries.  In 2010, its total production exceed 2.81 million unit and has been ranked first in the industry for 8 consecutive years.  Haojue Group's subsidiary, Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co.Ltd., is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China, and has been honoured as one of "Top 500 Enterprises of China" and one of "Top 500 Taxpaying Enterprises of China" for many years.  Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. is the joint venture between Haojue Group and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan). It is the largest motorcycle manufacturing Sino-foreign joint venture in terms of scale.

About Leoch International Holdings Limited

Leoch International is principally engaged in the manufacturing of high quality lead-acid battery used as reserve power batteries, starting, lighting and ignition ("SLI") batteries and motive power batteries, ranging in capacity from 0.251Ah to 4,025Ah. The Company has an enormous production capacity. As of 31 December 2010, it operated five production facilities with a total of 53 production lines and an aggregate annual installed production capacity of approximately 5.9 million KVAh. Leoch International is a leading manufacturer and developer of lead-acid batteries in China. According to Asia Battery Association, the Company was the largest lead-acid battery exporter in China in terms of export revenue in 2009. Reserve power batteries accounted for 28.4% of China's lead-acid battery market by sales volume in 2009. The customers of Leoch International come from various industries across the China and around the world, including telecommunications, UPS, renewable energy storage, automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles and other industrial and consumer products. The Company serves well-known corporations like China Mobile Communication Co., Ltd, China United Network Communications Group Co. Ltd ("China Unicom", China Telecom Corp. and ZTE Corp. as well as BMW, Jaguar Cars Ltd and Mattel Inc.

For enquiries, please contact:

Ms. Helen Chung +852 3150 6730
Ms. Alman Loong +852 3150 6731
Ms. Christine Gu +852 3150 6792
Mr. Johnson Zhao +852 3150 6750
Fax: +852 3150 6728
Source: Leoch International Technology Limited
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