MyChineseLearning Partners with Peking University's Chinese Government Cultural Development Research Center
2009-11-04 11:43 870

BEIJING, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- is pleased to announce its partnership with Peking University's Chinese Government Cultural Development Research Center to jointly develop distance learning materials that give improved access to anyone who wishes to learn Chinese online.

The result of this teamwork is a rollout of a technology that benefits anyone with an internet connection, and a yearning to learn Chinese, with tailored one-on-one personalized training, provided by their own personal experienced native speaking teacher. The technology may also be scaled up to provide a virtual classroom environment for group or corporate learning.

Signatories to the partnership, Beijing Learning By Doing Education & Technology Co., Ltd (which runs the website), and Peking University's Chinese Government Cultural Development Research Center, saw that the time had come to take Chinese as a second language worldwide. They made it their mission to create a platform to disseminate an understanding of Chinese culture, as well as provide top-notch, professional Chinese language education.

In an effort to meet the demand for learning the Chinese language, government supported Confucius centers have been established in many countries, and more and more schools are now offering Chinese language classes. However, traditional forms of language acquisition are either, for the most part, unavailable or inconvenient, and often involve high costs, rigid schedule, and a high investment in terms of travelling to and from classes.

A student of MyChineseLearning, American Julia Tong is sure that "the hunger for Chinese language studies is much greater than the traditional education system can cope with. The popularity of Mandarin as a second language is being driven by an enormous global interest in China, its culture and history. There is also a career imperative. As the nation grows in economic and political importance, it also makes great sense for foreign companies to recruit Mandarin speakers, as a key employment differentiator; when a fluency in Chinese is seen as an asset, enabling smooth communication among important trade partners."

Teng, CEO of MyChineseLearning stated, "We've had a terrific reception for our courses in Southeast Asia as well as around the world and now we'll be more focused on the North American market."

Perhaps the most compelling reason to learn Chinese online is the

one-on-one attention provided by MyChineseLearning's professional and systematically trained teachers. "Our university connection provides us with unsurpassed curricula, and the internet allows us to deliver it in a very cost-effective and convenient way. In fact, our unit cost per class is far below the cost of a conventional private tutor. The other beauty is the class flexibility and elimination of the travel burden. Our classes can be scheduled to suit your timezone, and wherever you are, whether you're a busy exec building a career, a housewife at home, or a roadwarrior halfway across the world -- the class is only as far away as your computer. Now it is possible to learn Chinese online, at your own pace, with comfort and convenience -- and best of all affordably," added Teng.

The courses are comprehensive, beginning with the free assessment lesson, and flexible in length according to the students need and interest. Besides live classes, MyChineseLearning offers free access to class recordings, gives progress reports, makes exams and requires homework. All audio and video learning materials can be customized for individuals or special groups.

The online virtual classroom, constructed by Peking University and MyChineseLearning as part of a Chinese language learning database dubbed the "the Oriental Sinology Academy," will enable the academic partners to provide a professional, high-level and consistent Chinese language education to anyone with an interest to learn Chinese.

Whether students have a language focus, or are interested in more esoteric cultural offerings, such as close examination of carapace-bone-script, pictographs, or hard-tipped pen calligraphical works -- seminars typically seen only in a university setting -- MyChineseLearning can develop courses to meet the needs of everyone.

MyChineseLearning is excited about the cooperation and anticipates the platform they have created will provide a boost to distance learning and interest in Mandarin study.

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