MyChineseLearning, Together with, Launches Online Chinese Learning for Global Chinese Language Students

BEIJING, Jan. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- MyChineseLearning Educational Technology Co., LTD., the world's largest international online Chinese learning organization, recently made an agreement with, an affiliate of Beijing Centre for the Promotion of Chinese overseas. Both parties have agreed to cooperate in the development of online face-to-face Chinese learning courses for the promotion of the Chinese language throughout the world. This will be accomplished by establishing an international Chinese language learning center based in Beijing which will serve remote language students all around the world with a brand new teaching-learning method conducted through the Internet for those who are unable to come and learn Chinese in China. Such a learning platform will bring a great opportunity of professionalism and pure Chinese language learning!

MyChineseLearning is a training organization committed to online Chinese learning.  Its affiliate, a linguistic training service provider (, can serve foreigners from various countries and regions with authentically pure mandarin courses through one-on-one online interactive teaching. Since the project launched commercial operation, MyChineseLearning has served more than 2,000 foreign students all over the world. This easy, convenient way of learning Chinese has been spoken of highly and has been widely accepted among those foreigners who love the Chinese language. is the official website for the Beijing Centre for the Promotion of Chinese overseas 's Bureau of learning for Chinese language and is a comprehensive network for public policies on Chinese language learning from the Beijing municipal government. It contains content from various colleges and universities in Beijing, Chinese language learning courseware, live teaching services and other relevant information.

After a year of promotion, the Chinese language and its cultures are getting more and more popular around the world. With the number of Chinese language students increasing continuously, Chinese language training organizations are springing up. This is leading to uncontrolled market competition and education quality concerns. Searching for a method to serve these Chinese language students around the world conveniently in a timely manner while securing educational quality with professional mandarin Chinese learning courses, now becomes a challenge to every party concerned. The export of teachers used to be the method used to spread Chinese culture overseas. However, due to resource limitations the needs can no longer be adequately met. Exploring a new mode of teaching, guided by the government, and supported by non-governmental institutions to efficiently popularize Chinese and Chinese culture across the world requires urgent decisions to be made by the government in order to solve the many issues. Against this background, the agreement of and MyChineseLearning marks the beginning of cooperation between government affiliated Chinese learning institutions and non-governmental organizations. It tests out the new Chinese language training mode which is guided by the government and jointly operated with private corporations.

This cooperatively developed interactive online Chinese learning service has clear advantages when compared with traditional ways in cost, time and workplace requirements. It has a much lower cost and is more cost effective than school learning, has a more flexible schedule and allows students the ability to arrange the classes at their convenience. In addition, compared to local Chinese language training schools operated by foreigners other than those institutions run by the government, MyChineseLearning's online Chinese classes are provided by qualified Chinese teachers in Beijing through the Internet. One teacher only serves one student per class via live video chatting. In this way, the teacher can provide custom learning plans according to the student's individual interests to ensure the quality of teaching and motivating the student to learn. For MyChineseLearning's online Chinese learning courses, the students can learn mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture through qualified native Chinese teachers with no need of coming to China. Therefore, with Internet and information technologies, via one-to-one online learning Chinese classes or group courses and so on, MyChineseLearning offers selectable Chinese learning services.

The cooperation between MyChineseLearning and can provide language students of various countries and regions, whether in Beijing or not, with online real time interactive Chinese learning services, as well as the related services including teaching consultation, information and policy services, etc. For those who love learning the Chinese language, it is really exciting news.

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