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2015-10-27 10:00 2418

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Privacy International Conference starts

During the International Privacy Conference (IPC) in Amsterdam the first app which lets users make truly anonymous calls will be launched. In contrast to existing solutions, Warble doesn't ask a user for someone's identity, and no mobile number is needed to activate the app. A wiretap request by the Dutch government will therefore make no sense. Human Rights Activists, Dissidents, Journalists and others can communicate freely for the first time.

Warble is the first app that protects a user's privacy. The app allows human rights defenders, political activists, journalists and others to do their work without being hampered by tapping governments. Warble, which can be used anywhere in the world, is secure and anonymous and does not ask about the identity of the user. Additionally, no mobile number is required to activate an account, unlike existing applications and secure telephones.

"To allow users to communicate anonymously the Warble App combines three techniques", explains founder Paul Coerkamp. "Tunneling, Encryption, and Obfuscation. This allows any caller to use advanced Privacy techniques for the first time, no longer worrying about their Safety and Security. Even better, we have no user identity information, and offer the option to pay through anonymous payment methods. So a request for information from the government has no effect. We cannot disclose what we don't know."

Warble has launched at the start of International Privacy Conference (IPC) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Interestingly enough, the IPC host country is the world champion of wiretapping. Half of the Dutch population think it is ridiculous that the government is widely bugging telephone calls, according to a representative survey of Motivaction and Telecompaper. Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed feel that tracing criminals is used as an excuse to invade the privacy of citizens.

About Warble

Warble is an initiative of two Dutch telecom entrepreneurs who are dedicated to protecting the privacy of users. Calls are placed using VOIP (Voice Over IP) via any kind of data connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi). The app can be used on Android and Windows desktop and an iPhone version will follow soon. Together this covers roughly 90% of the global market. Warble website:

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