Nuctech participated in the 2017 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition

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TBILISI, Georgia, July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition was held from 7th to 9th June, 2017 in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia, more than 550 representatives from over 80 countries presented. The theme of the conference was "The Power of Data-Advancing Border Management", and the governmental representatives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and authorities of IT enterprises, international trade transportation, and logistics gathered together to discuss the application of IT information solutions in customs border control.

WCO IT Conference and Exhibition
WCO IT Conference and Exhibition

With the rapid growing of international trade and data booming, customs now needs operable databases more than simple databases. Wang Weidong the VP of Nuctech delivered a keynote speech entitled "Towards the New Era of SMART Customs Control", and pushed out Nuctech's SMART (Security, Mobility, Automation, Reciprocity, Transparency) platform for customs management. Representing Nuctech, Dr. Wang Weizhen gave another report. The report introduced Nuctech's experience on enhancing customs clearance with big data and intelligent analysis, and pushed forward the initiative of open: open the picture format, open the internet protocol, and open the intelligent management platform.

During the conference, Nuctech participated in the exhibition and held a welcome cocktail party with WCO and the revenue bureau of Georgia. The secretary general of WCO, the first Prime Minister of Georgia, the officers of Chinese Customs, Georgian Customs, Kyrgyzstan Customs, Icelandic Customs, Singaporean Customs, and Hong Kong Customs visited Nuctech's booth for detailed information of systematic solutions, the application of wiScanTM, and intelligence custom-lock.

The participation into the conference has deepened the understanding and cooperation between Nuctech and customs agencies around the globe, and established Nuctech's leading position in the field of customs.

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