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China Education Center Helps Foreign Students, Working toward Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees, Prepare for Admission to China's Top Universities

HONG KONG, June 11 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- China Education Center (CEC) is an information source for foreign undergraduate and graduate students looking to continue their higher education at China's top universities. CEC provides information on admissions procedures and requirements needed to get into university programs.

"More than 140,000 foreign students are hoping to study at Chinese universities toward obtaining their bachelors, masters and PhD's, but not many know what it takes to get into these programs," says Eddy Lee, of China Education Center. "It's competitive just to get in, and requires not only a certain proficiency level in Chinese, but also means doing well on entrance examinations in their field. China Education Center helps students navigate the application process."

Jeremy Johnson is a prospective student at Tsinghua University. "Learning the language is not enough to really experience the true China. I want to immerse myself in Chinese culture and history."

China Education Center is helping Jeremy, and students like him. For students looking to apply to such prestigious Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University or Fudan University, they must first past entrance examinations. For science, engineering, management and architecture majors, applicants are required to take entrance exams in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Humanities and law majors need to take exams in Chinese comprehension and writing. Motivated students sometimes need to be willing to put in an extra year of preparation, both to succeed at the admissions process and at their university of choice.

Whether students are looking for the right university program, information about entrance examinations or admission applications, China Education Center can help. Please visit .

About China Education Center

As the leading information site and consulting company for foreign students studying in China, CEC provides up-to-date information for over 1,000 Chinese university programs. Since 2001, CEC has assisted students from over 50 countries to get into reputable China universities in Chinese language programs, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Foreign students can now save expensive international TT charges with CEC's new online credit card system. The service provider, PayDollar, also supports Yahoo Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific.


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