PPTV Launches PPLink to Initiate Multi-screen Interactive Entertainment Strategy

2013-08-21 15:16 1732

SHANGHAI, Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 20, PPTV held a press conference, themed "X-Day, Welcome to My Family," to launch a brand new multi-screen interaction product -- PPLink. This is another multi-screen product, following the launch of PPBOX on May 9. At the same event, PPTV released its Multi-screen Interactive Entertainment Strategy, clearly announcing for the first time that it would build a multi-screen entertainment interaction platform.

At the press conference, PPTV Founder and President, Mr. Yao Xin, launched the new product, PPLink. Inspired by the concept of "simple" from inside to outside, PPLink can easily push content from mobile devices to HDTV through DLNA/Airplay technology, which makes one's video watching experience more enjoyable. Also, PPTV announced that PPLink can be pre-ordered starting today and would be available online on August 23. Previously, PPTV had launched its first branded hardware product, PPBOX. the first batch of which, 800 Engineering Collection Edition, sold out in three minutes upon its launch online.

Another highlight of "X-DAY" was the launch of PPTV's Multi-screen Interactive Entertainment Strategy. The strategy includes three stages. At the first stage, "Connect," direct content push between screens/devices has been accomplished. The keyword of the second stage is "integrate," when terminal advantages such as the mass storage capabilities of computers, the flexibility and efficiency of smart phones and pads, and the audio-visual effect of TVs will be fully integrated. PPLink is PPTV's latest accomplishment at this stage. At the third stage, the multi-screen strategy will be centered around the key phrase "multi-screen entertainment interaction platform". To PPTV, the evolution of "mobile video + social networking" will boost the user stickiness of the video platform.

Mr. Yao states, "The total number of PPTV's mobile app users has exceeded 150 million, holding an over 50% share in the mobile terminal advertising sales market. Its strong terminal performance has laid the groundwork for PPTV to provide unique user experiences and advance the Multi-screen Interaction Strategy."

About PPTV

PPLive Corporation (PPTV) is a leading online TV service provider in China offering featured television shows, sports, entertainments, news and other popular video contents. It is characterized for its live-streaming service and professional video production. Based on the online video cloud platform PPCLOUD™, PPTV is accessible from a variety of platforms including PC website ( and its client software, mobile phones, tablets, and smart TV or set-up boxes. PPTV offers users the latest, high-quality and interactive online video experiences.

PPTV attracts more than 300 million users on a monthly base. According to iResearch, it is also ranked No.1 in the mobile video space by both Daily Unique Viewers (DUV) and Daily Watching Hours (DWH). PPTV's mobile application is ranked China's No. 1 and No. 2 most downloaded video app in iPad and iPhone respectively, according to Apple iTunes.

Source: PPTV