PPTV and CNC Form Strategic Partnership
2011-07-12 19:54 1219

BEIJING, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- CNC and PPLive Corporation, a leading Chinese Internet TV portal, and the global OTT TV platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership.

CNC Internet TV ( was launched last year as the official internet portal for multimedia Xinhua news. Since its launch in 2004 as the first Internet TV provider, PPTV has led the Internet TV industry, with its 200M global royal user base, high concurrency live channel support, a vast HD VoD library, innovative and interactive Internet TV viewing experience. The two parties will partner on multiple fronts, including content, business offerings, platform and technology.

Mr. JingCai Hu, CNC president and Xinhua vice chief editor, said, "This strategic partnership, combines the strength of CNC and PPLive, the official Chinese news agency, and the leading Internet TV provider. It will enable fast expansion of CNC's new media and internet business."

"PPTV's global user base, global TV Cloud platform, and ubiquitous device access on PC, Pad and mobile devices, combined with CNC's global media coverage," said Dr. Tao, PPLive's CEO, "will form one of the largest Internet news delivery networks, delivering multimedia news from China to a global audience. This is of strategic importance to both CNC and PPTV."

Following the partnership announcement, CNC and PPTV plan to launch a new web portal. The new portal will deliver news to multiple device types, including PC, mobile and pad; allowing instant news access globally.

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