Portugalia Opens its First Restaurant In Macau

2015-03-04 15:29 3033

MACAU, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Portugalia has arrived in Macau. The brand's launch in the region matches the 90th anniversary celebration and is their first beerhouse outside of Portugal. The new restaurant, having its official opening on March 6th, is the result of an international expansion plan developed over several years and marks its first of several direct investments in Asia.

Located in historic Taipa Village (Mercadores Street No.5), Portugalia is designed as a traditional Portuguese house. Three floors are open for dining and are accented with classic Portuguese tiles brought directly from Portugal. These tiles are strongly associated with the company's history. Patrons will also find historic images from the beerhouse's early days, a custom-built wine cellar and a private room adorned with cork decor elements, plus two outdoor terraces.

At the table, it is now possible to savour the most genuine Portuguese cuisine. The steak is the brand's iconic dish, but patrons can also find fresh seafood and traditional fare such as codfish and "Alentejana" pork. Draught beer and exclusively selected Portuguese wines are offered alongside the restaurant's famous fresh snacks including octopus salad and meat croquettes. For the sweet tooth, one can find traditional Portuguese delicacies like egg pudding, rice pudding and the national version of creme brulee.

All diners will enjoy a true taste of Portugal and the values and concept that have always reflected the brand – a relaxed, family ambience together with modern decor plus excellent service. The management team, with Chef Ricardo Alves, came all the way from Portugal for the challenge to represent Portugalia in Macau.

The launch of the Macau venue is the first in a larger expansion plan developed by the brand. Macau maintains a very strong connection with Portugal and visitors are often seeking opportunities to experience authentic Portuguese heritage during their visits. Portugalia is the example of quality and authentic Portuguese flavor in Macau, the true Portuguese Beerhouse.

Welcome to Portugalia!

Source: Portugalia