SECOO in Milan offering a Cross-Border Experience

2015-10-21 09:00 1956

MILAN, Oct. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SECOO, a  global cross-border experience store, located in Piazza Del Duomo, Italy, officially opened. As the first cross-border experience store in the field of the Chinese high-end electronic commerce, SECOO in Milan will integrate the global high-end market resources, establish relationships in the global supply chain system, expand cooperation of global high-end brands and overseas business groups, and improve experiences of local services of overseas consumers, finally realizing global strategic layout and providing all-directional implementation supports.

Different from existing cross-border product exhibition stores with a single category, the cross-border experience store of SECOO in Milan has multiple functions: product exhibitions, intelligent experiences and VIP services. Carefully selected luxury brands, including the newest exhibition products from four big fashion weeks in 2015 just finished, to provide consumers with the best selection of shopping.

Meanwhile, the cross-border experience store of SECOO in Milan also provides concierge services in multiple languages for consumers. The concierge will help consumers with shopping, suggestions, matching guidance, drawback and exchange, travel consultation, hotel reservations and other various services. For overseas consumers, we also introduce the cross-border shopping experience of commodity purchase, "reservation and pickup in Milan" and "reservation in Milan and pickup services in domestic locations."

Li Rixue, CEO of SECOO said, "the experience in the store will be perfect and the supplemental service experience which can't be provided on the Internet, will leave consumers with a better feeling in elegant environment." The cross-border experience store of SECOO in Milan will consider Milan home and be open to overseas tourists, business people and global SECOO members, which provides a truly secure and comfortable experience in Milan.

Many other enterprises in the field of the cross-border E-commerce speed up the layout and seize the market. In the field of mass consumption, Tmall, Jingdong and Amazon intensively reach the masses however, in the field of high-end consumption, SECOO outshines others and advances triumphantly. As the leading enterprise of the high-end consumption services industry in China, SECOO has the biggest online luxury sales with branches spread all over the world in cross-border experience stores and global member centers.

Li Rixue, CEO of SECOO said, "SECOO will establish a global high-end ecological service system with Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, and Tokyo at the core, which facilitates high-end brands to expand in the global market. We hope to help global high-end consumers enjoy global high-end service experience within 10 years, in order to provide distinguished, reliable high-end consumption services for global members."

About SECOO:

SECOO, as the largest upscale goods shopping platform in China, is currently engaging in four business fronts, integrated online and offline shopping mall, auction (as a trendy and effective sales format under our online shopping mall), smart tech and financial service, aiming to provide customers the upscale goods and lifestyle around the world by way of internet (, mobile apps, and brick and mortar stores located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Milan.

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