SHL to Attend the 2014 PDA Japan: A Collaborative Approach to Developing Combination Products

TOKYO, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SHL, the world's largest privately-owned designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery devices, announced today that SHL Marketing Director Steven Kaufman will be presenting at the 2014 PDA Japan event in Tokyo, Japan.

SHL highlights the importance of integrating supplier knowledge and best practices in the development of combination products such as the SHL Molly Auto Injector.
SHL highlights the importance of integrating supplier knowledge and best practices in the development of combination products such as the SHL Molly Auto Injector.

As one of the leaders in auto injector manufacturing, SHL believes it is as crucial to proactively reach out to share device and manufacturing experiences with suppliers as it is with customers and vice versa. Consequently, industry events like the PDA's (Parental Drug Association) upcoming 2014 Tokyo "Guide for Prefilled Syringe Seminar", provides the perfect opportunity for SHL to highlight this notion and is where SHL Marketing Director Steven Kaufman will, for the first time in Japan, speak in a joint presentation with a PFS supplier. The topic of this year's presentation will be "A Collaborative Approach: Highlighting the importance of increased cooperation between auto injector & biotech PFS manufacturers", a reflection of SHL's efforts to encourage a more integrated approach to overcome potential challenges and to ultimately develop more robust products. Commenting on this year's participation, Kaufman states, "I am particularly excited about this year's event, because even though this will be SHL's 3rd time presenting at the PDA Japan's annual seminar, it will be the first time we present in a joint presentation with a supplier.  We believe that sharing more data and key learnings is vital to the success of the industry and applaud the efforts of the PDA to increase awareness by sharing this knowledge."

According to industry reports, injectable biologics are one of the fastest growing segments of the biopharmaceutical market today.  Significant revenues are now being generated by blockbuster biologics, and with other injectable biologics coming to market in new therapeutic areas, a greater emphasis is being placed on combination products that will help patients to take these medications.

The majority of these biologics, including follow on biologics or biobetters, biosimilars and even generic injectables, will generally require more effective delivery systems.  This has led to a corresponding surge in the demand for various injection devices. An example of such devices is the auto injector, which allows the patient to safely self-administer the drug in the comfort of their own home.

However, to prepare for the incoming wave of biologics it has become more essential for device suppliers, PFS & cartridge manufacturers, filling companies, etc. to cooperate at a deeper level. This involves communicating earlier to share knowledge and discuss technology innovations to collaboratively introduce robust solutions. For example, PFS suppliers have to consider critical dimensions for auto injector devices such as the cut flange radius, which can impact final assembly of the PFS into the auto injector.

SHL will be demonstrating our newest Amber™ auto injector at our exhibition table at the event.

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Source: Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL Group)