Shiloh Industries Announces Global Launch Of ShilohCore™

Shiloh Industries, Inc.
2015-12-18 09:00 3444

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Dec. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Shiloh Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHLO) launches production of ShilohCore™ Acoustic Panel Laminate technology in products serving the Greater China and Korean automotive markets complementing current production serving North America and Europe.

Shiloh Industries, a leading supplier of lightweighting and noise and vibration (NVH) solutions, expanded production of its exclusive ShilohCore™ Acoustic Panel Laminate (APL) to meet global demand for products that optimize noise and vibration damping without adding to overall weight. Shiloh's new production location in Suzhou, China will initially focus on filling the growing demand for ShilohCore™ APL blanks used in dash panels. The uniquely designed metal laminate product, will be featured on 1.1 million vehicles across three continents from multiple platforms by early 1st quarter 2016.  

"Our expanded production capabilities will allow us to better serve our global customers resulting in reduced transportation cost and time" says Jonathan Fisk, director, product strategy management at Shiloh. "Our innovative APL blanks are ideal for dash panels, floor pans, wheelhouse, plenums and various powertrain applications."

ShilohCore™ can reduce interior noise by over 2dB over a wide frequency range, decrease damping treatment mass by 45%, and cut the overall assembly costs by up to 20%. Furthermore, unlike traditional post-process asphaltic patches and liquid-applied sound damping products, ShilohCore's proprietary formula allows for targeted patch coverage even in challenging vertical surface applications, without gap variation and with no need for clearance zones around mounting studs or assembly flanges. 

"As weight is removed from vehicle systems, noise and vibration increases are likely to occur," Fisk continues. "ShilohCore's unique composition addresses that problem by taking the weight out while deadening the sound.  Additionally, when Shiloh is involved early in the design stage, we can ensure the panel design is optimized for both NVH and formability, resulting in additional cost savings for the manufacturer."

ShilohCore's innovative solutions can be used with coated or uncoated steels, stainless steel or aluminum making it a natural fit for lightweighting strategies.  Its positive environmental traits, such as 0% VOC emission with minimal waste, can help manufacturers meet their sustainability goals as well.

About Shiloh Industries, Inc.

Shiloh Industries, Inc. is a leading global supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions to the automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial segments, capable of delivering solutions in aluminum, magnesium, steel and high-strength steel alloys to original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The company offers the broadest portfolio of lightweighting solutions in the industry through their BlankLight™, CastLight™ and StampLight™ brands. Shiloh designs and manufactures components in body, chassis and powertrain systems with expertise in precision blanks, ShilohCore™ acoustic laminates, aluminum and steel laser welded blanks, complex stampings, modular assemblies, aluminum and magnesium die casting, as well as precision machined components. Shiloh has nearly 3,300 dedicated employees with operations, sales and technical centers throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Source: Shiloh Industries, Inc.
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