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2010-05-06 19:55 685

Online travel community ups-the-ante with new networking and planning tools

SHANGHAI, May 6 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Information-hungry road warriors can relax as online travel network, iloho ( ), today unveils its cutting-edge Web 3.0 travel planning tools. The site's new planning and networking functions give users instant access to essential travel information that one in four adult travelers do not want to leave home without(1).

(Photo: ) makes finding, accessing and storing key travel information quick, easy and personal. Users can upload and organize their travel itineraries -- including specifics about hotels, flights, planned activities, insurance and car rental -- before they depart and then use the site to access their travel plans anytime, anywhere whilst they are on-the-road. The site's trip planning tools are interactive and dynamic, and all content is geo-tagged.

As well as having instant access to their itinerary, users can also use iloho to find directions to key attractions from wherever they are staying. Travel plans can be set to various levels of privacy so that users can share as much or as little as they like with their friends and the wider iloho community.

Richard Archer-Perkins, Chairman and Founder, said: "We believe iloho's new travel planning tools will make life on-the-road so much easier and more organized for our users. We also think there is a great opportunity -- should our members wish to pursue it -- to make their travel plans public and find out who else will be in the same place at the same time as them. What a great way to make new friends and new business connections." now plots all new and existing user-generated travel reviews and recommendations into Google Maps so that they are more easily searchable, and so that users can get directions to points-of-interest reviewed by other travelers from wherever they are.

The site's networking functionality has been improved to make information sharing and social networking, both on and off line, simpler. iloho members can access a wealth of travel tips and experiences from the site's community of users across the globe, and connect with local contacts in-the-know when they are far from home.

Richard Archer-Perkins continued: "Statistics show the value of personal travel recommendations -- a considerable number of travelers simply won't leave home without them. At iloho asking for advice and finding useful travel tips is quick, easy and sociable. The site can connect you to valuable local travel knowledge online, and then make it easy for you to meet up with likeminded travelers offline. We know that this will be priceless service for our users."'s site-wide upgrades answer the needs of its growing community of travelers. Users surveyed revealed that they value travel recommendations and reviews from friends and travelers above guidebooks, newspapers and magazines(2); improving the site's networking and planning tools is an essential step-forward in meeting these needs.

All of iloho's unique travel tools are present on the improved site, including its Visual Flight Search Engine(TM) -- an innovative and unique online database of the world's airlines, the routes they fly, the services they offer and how they rank with travelers in the know -- travel videos, photos, blogs and more.

(1) Source: travelhorizons(TM), July 2009

(2) Source: iloho Traveller Survey, December 2008

About iloho: ( ) is a unique online service for travelers that launched in June 2007. All of iloho's content is generated by travelers for travelers, and it is home to a vast array of impartial travel information. Users can plan trips, store travel itineraries, catch up on hot travel articles, get in the know with candid flight and airline reviews, be inspired by travel itineraries and photographs, and network with likeminded travelers.

Source: iloho